13 Winter Fashion Outfit Ideas & Hacks That Will Keep You Warm

Winter Fashion Outfit – Stepping out in style during the colder months can be a challenge because you can’t just wear that your favorite short pleated skirt with a V-neck tanked and get going.

Sorry, but it doesn’t work that way, expect you want your body to be found white and frozen in some alley. 

While you need to look good and classy, you also have to consider how you can style your dressing so it will keep you warm enough without making you look like a bloated Michelin tire or some drab old lady. 

Which is why you should have some winter fashion outfit tips and tricks up your sleeve.

You must know how to layer, but you don’t want to pad your body with clothes that will make you look bigger than it is. Layering smartly will keep you warm and looking classy, every day.

You can complement your style with some cool winter fashion outfit ideas and hacks you’ll find below. These tips will help to keep up your stylish and warm look every day of these mercilessly cold winter months. 


Get tips and hacks on how to wear Winter Fashion Outfit and remain stylish here! Whether you are looking for a better way to rock your turtleneck or a casual outfit during winter, we've got you covered!


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Go All Out With Fur Coats

A cozy and trendy faux fur coat is excellent for winter style! Cold winter days are the perfect time to show off your beautiful fur coat. It’s the only season that is ideally suited for that faux fur coat hanging in your wardrobe, so you wear it as much as you want. 

Whether it’s a fun fur jacket designed with bold pop colors or a less flashy and muted faux fur coat with looks that are closer to the real deal, there are many options on the fashion winter outfit list, so you can steal your favorites and make them yours. 

Once you’ve brushed up your fur coat or maybe you just got a new one, you can use any of the ideas below to slay and stay street smart this winter. You’re going to need some ideas to work it into your wardrobe. 

One good thing about fur coats is that you can wear fur with just about anything, and with an instant upgrade, it will completely change your outfit. 


Hack 1: For a formal occasion, pair a faux fur coat with a fancy dress

This is the next winter fashion outfit hack you should try!

You can wear a glamorous dress under a short fur coat. This will sit well with black over-the-knee booty or a black tight with a gorgeous ankle boot. 

With a hooded fur coat over your shoulder and a good, yet stylish winter boots, you won’t have to worry about catching a chill because your hands and feet are well covered and kept warm. 

Adding the right accessories (like a pair of dangling earrings) will add some sophistication and help enhance your elegance. To keep everyone’s attention on your dress, wear a muted or neutral-toned fur coat. 


Hack 2: Pair a solid-colored coat with a sweater and jeans for a fun, casual outfit

Also, you can wear a multi-colored sweater or a turtleneck top and throw a fur coat on it. Depending on how you feel, you can go with a sweater that has brightly colored patterns. 

Combining this with a solid colored fur coat will give a warm and stylish outfit. Or, if you like, you can go with a bright-colored turtleneck top with stripe-like patterns or polka dots. 

Wear solid-colored pants (you may want to choose black), a pair of black winter boots or running shoes, and throw a coral red fur coat over your shoulders. 


Hack 3: Slip a fur coat over a turtleneck and sweatpants to keep comfortable

You can also stay warm and extra toasty this winter by pairing a striped turtleneck, or one with a dark background and floral patterns, with some solid-colored sweatpants. 

Turtleneck shirts and sweatpants are classic winter outfits for staying comfortable and warm, and throwing a hooded fur coat with neutral colors or one of your favorite vibrant colors into the mix will boost the coziness and warmth of your outfit. 

If you don’t fancy colored stripes and floral patterns in a turtleneck shirt, then try a solid-colored turtleneck (use darker colors like purple or brown, those are my favorite). 

For instance, you can go with a light brown or gray turtleneck paired with black sweatpants, then complete it with a long, dark brown fur coat and a pair of sneakers or low-cut boots. Long fur coats flatter people with a big body build, so if you’re slender, go with a short or mid-thigh fur coat. 


Hack 4: Choose a longer fur coat for more warmth

Long fur coats provide solid protection from the bitterly cold weather while also giving your outfit a classy finish.

If you want a classier outfit, consider pairing a tan or khaki coat with your formalwear, it’s best if you select a collared fur coat if you want an especially fancy look. 

To take things up a notch and stay warmer, choose a full-length faux fur winter coat as your go-to top layer for the winter season. You can also wear a long fur coat overskirt and a sweater or a corporate gown and head for the office. 

A collared or hooded fur coat over a fancy cocktail dress and over-the-knee booties will also and elegant look, and it’s perfect for the New Year’s eve.

For other special winter occasions, you can go with a black and white tank top, dark denim pants and a tan collared fur coat. Match this outfit with a brown ankle boot or white sneaker and watch heads turn.


Stay Warm And Chick With A Dress

If you are like some of my girlfriends who aren’t pants-girls but prefer the easiness and feeling of freedom that comes with wearing skirts and dresses. 

You don’t have to ditch your dresses and embrace, especially if you don’t want to, because you can still stay street smart with some gorgeous winter fashion with your dresses. 

And no, your knees won’t turn white with cold, and neither will your arms get frostbitten! With some of the fantastic winter fashion styles below, you can slay this season with your dresses and still stay warm and cozy. 


Hack 5: With black tight and an ankle boot

This may be a self-explanatory one, but it doesn’t make it any less classy. This looks much better if the dress is just above or below your knees, you can also use a midi dress, which looks great too. 

And it looks better with a dark-colored tight like black. Actually black tights are the easiest to match, but this shouldn’t prevent you from experimenting with other fun colors. 

For instance, if you have a  burgundy or gray tight, you can match it with a black and white striped or patterned dress. Match this with an ankle boot and a dark-colored teddy coat or some other warm jacket that’s the same length with the dress. This will give you a classier look.


Hack 6: With a fur coat or puffer jacket

A fur coat or puffer jacket will always look good on a cold winter day. 

To keep your legs warm, always pair your dress with a matching or complimenting tight, a winter boot, and a warm and cozy jacket.

You can also wear a mid-thigh mini-dress with denim pants and ankle booties. This will pair well with a shiny or metallic hooded fur coat or black puffer jacket. 

If you have a short jean dress, even better, pair this with matching jean pants and your favorite winter jacket. You can wear a head warmer and throw in a scarf plus a winter boot, and you’ll look smoking hot on a freezing winter day. 


Hack 7: With over-the-knee boots and a teddy coat

You can’t go through a winter season without over-the-knee shoes.

This is a favorite cold-weather shoe for many, and you can pair it any short dress of your choice. Wear a dress that hits just above the top of the boot and top with a jacket or coat that matches the dress in length and color.


Hack 8: A mini skirt or dress on black tights (or stockings) under ripped denim pants and a leather jack

You can look cute for a winter date in a mini dress or skirt worn over a black tight (under ripped jeans depending on how cold it gets) and winter boots to keep your legs from freezing. 

If you’re wearing a mini skirt, match it with a turtleneck sweater and a head warmer. To complete this outfit, throw a leather jacket over your shoulder, and you wouldn’t have to worry about freezing. You can add a pair of leather gloves and ankle booties. 


Stay Warmer With A Puffer

Another jacket that should have ready for any moment is a puffer jacket. You can sport these big, bulky, and insulated pieces of outerwear as the coolest outfits, not to mention the warmth that comes with wearing it. 

These padded clothes are the top choice for polar explorers and mountaineers because they’re heavily insulated and can lock in heat in even the coldest conditions. 

From simple black designs and stylish metallic silver to oversized maxi shapes and attractive antique varieties, the puffer jacket has an option for everyone, and we can have some tips to help you show off your favorite puffer jacket.


Hack 9: Pair a pop color puffer jacket with an all-black outfit

If you want a bold and unmissable outfit, then you should step out with an all-black outfit with a brightly colored puffer jacket.  Any of the colors from bright green, orange, yellow, to pink, red or bright blue, will surely make you stand out anywhere. 

The jacket will be the center of your outfit, that’s the idea. You can dress up in black denim pants, black boots, and a black fitted turtleneck shirt. You can also decide to mix up the black with some neutral shades like gray or light brown.


Hack 10: Metallic puffer coat also looks good on all-black-everything

Silver is one of my favorite colors, and it sure looks good on any winter day. If you don’t have a silvery or metallic puffer jacket, I recommend you get one ASAP because you can match this with some outfit and look dashing even on the iciest of days. 

A metallic puffer is excellent when you find yourself checking out the black section of your closet. Black denim pants or just black pants with a black sweater or turtleneck with a metallic puffer jacket and a black boot will cooly announce your presence. This is a simple outfit, but then simple always does it, now doesn’t it? 


Teddy Coats Look Chick

A teddy coat is another cold-weather essential that you can rely on to keep you warm and cool at the same time. Styling a teddy bear coat isn’t always easy because it tends to look bulky, but you can turn this around with some cool tips. 

You’ll undoubtedly look chic in a wool turtleneck sweater, black pants, and a tan teddy bear coat, pair this with an ankle boot. But that’s not all; we have some more great styles you can sport with a teddy coat this winter.


Hack 11: Throw a teddy coat over a turtleneck and denim pants

You can change your everyday style by pairing a sleek pair of blue denim pants with a soft caramel or tawny teddy coat, and a colorful striped or patterned sweater. The teddy coat shouldn’t be too long or too short, one that ends mid-thigh is just perfect.

Going with a teddy coat is much better than a leather jacket or a heavy wool peacoat. You can also sport a sling bag and some accessories. 


Hack 12: Pair a grey teddy coat with matching grey jeans

Grey jeans are a wardrobe essential, and they always look stunning, especially during the winter season. With grey denim pants and a grey sweater and a grey teddy coat, you’ll create an all-grey chic winter look. You can also use a grey hooded faux fur jacket to create the same look.


Hack 13: Pair a knitted sweater with leather pants and a teddy coat

Another classy winter outfit is a knitted sweater paired with leather pants and a teddy coat for a complete winter look. This will give you a much-needed warmth, and you can add a pair of leather gloves. 


If you are looking to dress appropriately during winter for any outing, these tips are exactly what you need! We have listed the best Winter Fashion Outfit hacks to keep you high on the fashion scale.


Wrapping Up

During the iciest weather conditions, your best bet for staying warm enough is to layer smartly with a winter fashion outfit. This is when you’ll be forced to find creative ways to have to layer under your clothes and still look amazing.

You can bury your flesh in a layer of clothes, and depending on how cold it gets; you may have to layer with a turtleneck under a sweater and a jacket, then complete it with a coat. This will keep you from freezing.

Check this post for more hacks and winter fashion outfit ideas that rock!

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