13 Cheap and Easy Kitchen Organization Ideas On A Budget

Kitchen Organization Ideas – For every woman who loves to be in the kitchen, what her kitchen looks like would be highly essential to her.

When searching for a new apartment or moving into a new house, women have sleepless nights thinking about a lot of organization hacks that would make everywhere look perfect. This post will reveal to you some easy and cheap kitchen organization ideas that would give you the arrangement you desire.

Whether your kitchen is spacious or not, there is always a way around setting things up in the kitchen. Here is an opportunity for you to learn how to maximize whatever space it is you have in your kitchen. Ensure you read this article to the end and trust me; it is worth the time.

If you are settling down in a new apartment, knowing where to place your seasonings, cooking books, foodstuffs, measuring instruments, appliances, dishes, and many more is essential. Even if you have your kitchen arranged, you need slight shifting, replacing, and sorting to have what you want.


Keep every item in your kitchen well-arranged and within easy reach with these easy to do kitchen organisation ideas that cost very little. These hacks use basic tools tokeep your kitchen organized, just the way you want it.


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1. Wire Storage Baskets Under The Sink


Wire Storage Basket Under the Skin- Cheap and Easy Kitchen Organization Ideas


Make the top of your sink always free and neat by concealing your wash liquids and sponges under the sink. Things like your pot scrubbers and brushes can have space underneath your kitchen sinks!

How do you do that? It is simple! Just get some inexpensive wire storage baskets and some cheap tension rods. Make sure you measure your space before you make your purchase.


2. Caddies on The Wall or Door


Caddies on the Door or Wall for Spices- Cheap and Easy Kitchen Organization Ideas


This is one of the kitchen organization ideas that save space significantly. If your kitchen is small, this organization idea might be what you need.

Use some damage free clear command caddies on the wasted space inside the pantry door or on blank wall space to organize your spices, seasonings, and small items.

At a glance, you can easily see the spice jar you are looking for without sweating yourself up searching containers and cupboards.


3. Classic Trash Bag


Classic Trash Bags- Cheap and Easy Kitchen Organization Ideas


I call it a classic trash bag idea because it is an excellent method of keeping your trash bag in the kitchen. Rather than have your trash bags tucked in some box or hidden cabinet, you can have easy access to them on a roll system.

Learn how to put your trash bags on a roll easily here.


4. DIY Cookie Cutters Organizer


DIY Cookie Cutter Organizer- Cheap and Easy Kitchen Organization Ideas


Your paper towel dispenser may come in handy for kitchen organization. For the love of beautifully shaped cookies, some people keep quite several cookie cutters. It is easier to make them look well-placed and fancy in the kitchen if you get them on a paper towel dispenser.


5. File Organizer Kitchen Wonder


File Organizer Kitchen Wonder- Cheap and Easy Kitchen Organization Ideas


How do you keep your cookie sheets, Tupperware lids, plastic chopping boards, and trays? Do you leave them lying on the kitchen countertops? You might want to have a change of idea using some file organizers to arrange them attractively.


6. Hang Baskets

Baskets help organize kitchen utensils, cleaning supplies, and fresh produce. To use them, place a pair of baskets above a sink using a metal rod or adhesive hooks for easy access.

A wiring design allows you to see contents at a glance and helps wet dishes and sponges dry quicker.


7. Plastic Drawer Organizers


Plastic Drawer Organizer- Cheap and Easy Kitchen Organization Ideas


When you have your tea bag sachets, juice mix sachets, taco seasoning packets, e.t.c in one drawer, everything becomes muddled up. At times you might not quickly notice you’re running out of teabags because you see a lot of sachets in there.

A plastic organizer in your kitchen drawer would help to arrange these items neatly. It is an easy and cheap way to store packet items.


8. Plastic Wraps/Aluminum Foil Hanger


Paper Wraps and Aluminium Foil Hanger- Cheap and Easy Kitchen Organization Ideas


This is just the simple solution for storing plastic wraps and your foil in the kitchen. I got this idea from here and trust me my foil has been hanging on my wall without crisping. All I do is to replace it when I finish a rim.


9. Pan Organizer Shelf Racks


Pan Organizers Shelf Rack- Cheap and Easy Kitchen Organization Ideas


Where do you keep your pans in the kitchen? In the cabinet? On the countertop? Or you leave them hanging on the wall? Well, here is one of the genius kitchen organization ideas I ‘ve got.

You might get a pan organizer shelf rack to save you more space cabinet and countertop space. Also, the struggle with clanking around pans all stacked and cluttered in a mess will stop.


10. Countertop Mason Jar Storage


Countertop Mason Jar Storage- Cheap and Easy Kitchen Organization Ideas


I feel my cooking utensils look too clumsy on the pegboard because I have so many of them.

Attractively, you can get these utensils handy by trying out some mason jar tricks.  Make a labeled and painted mason jar countertop utensil storage. The arrangement looks so beautiful! And of course, it can go for some other things too like sugar and flour.


11. Metal Towel Bars for Pot Lids


Metal Towel Bars for Pot Lids- Cheap and Easy Kitchen Organization Ideas


When I keep my pots in the cabinet with their lids, it is quite challenging to get a balanced arrangement. You might always have to deal with your pot lids tipping off the moment you open the cabinet.

But here is a darling idea to keep your lids off the cabinet. You can find some simple low profile metal towel bars to mount inside cupboard doors to store lids for pots and pans.


12. Plastic Containers in Fridge


Plastic Containers in Fridge- Cheap and Easy Kitchen Organization Ideas


Your fridge arrangement is also essential when thinking about some kitchen organization hacks. All praise to the inventors of refrigerators! What could be the easiest way of storing groceries, leftover food, milk, and so on? How do I even get to meal prep!

If you’re a constant and regular fridge user, you should learn some tips on how to put the fridge to accommodate more items.

It is simple! You don’t just dump your things in your refrigerator. You have to arrange neatly and to make you have free and easy access to all that is therein. An easy way to keep that up is to get fancy transparent fridge bowls to store your items in the most inventive ways.


13. Pantry Polish


Pantry Polish- Cheap and Easy Kitchen Organization Ideas


And finally, to that part of the kitchen, I must not fail to talk about it. The pantry!

It might not be to easy to arrange when you have a lot of things there. But you can maximize the space in your pantry with labeled baskets in bright colors. Group individually wrapped snacks and breakfast essentials out of their boxes and in the bins to make mornings a breeze.


Get your kitchen organized for less with these easy to do, DIY kitchen organization hacks that fit into your budget! Here are 13 ideas on how to get the perfect kitchen without spending a lot.



Your kitchen sure deserves a peng look. Always give your eyes that pleasure to admire the beautiful arrangement in your kitchen. Use some of these kitchen organization ideas and trust me your friends won’t stop loading you with questions on how to get theirs done.

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