How To Make Jewelry Cleaner – 3 Ingredient DIY Jewelry Cleaner For A Tarnish Free Shine

Make Jewelry Cleaner – Do you have some pieces of jewelry you’ve long forgotten in your accessory box because they are already tarnished? Well, I think it is time for you to get them all out!

You can make some fantastic jewelry cleaner all by yourself right in the confines of your home. Name any jewelry! Ring, Yes! Earrings! Necklaces, bracelets, leg chains, of course!

Make them all look beautiful and shine as new as ever! How do you do that? Simple! You’ve got to learn how to make jewelry cleaner to have tarnish-free and shining accessories. If you are ready to learn some of the DIY recipes, you’re sure in the right place!

Don’t stop reading to get a list of the ingredients you will need and how to have your homemade jewelry cleaners. Trust me! It is worth the time.


Here are some DIY jewelry cleaning methods to achieve tarnish-free gems. They are easy to make and will leave your jewelries clean in less than 30 minutes.


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3 Best Homemade Jewelry Cleaner Recipes

If you type  “homemade jewelry cleaner” in your search engine, you might probably get multiple responses on different recipes and ingredients you could use.

Yes! Many people indeed clean their jewelry using different agents. But, not all suggested cleaning agents are safe for your gems. You must be careful not to take all methods hook line and sinker to protect the beauty of your jewelry.

We have made a roundup of 3 safe and best methods and ingredients you can use to clean your jewelry with no worry.


1. Dish Detergent & Warm Water


Dish Detergent and Warm Water- Best Homemade Jewelry Cleaner


Several sources consider this option one of the safest methods to have a DIY jewelry cleaner. The ingredients needed are easy-to-get and cheap too. All you need is a mixture of a few drops of dish detergent in warm, not hot, water.

Leave your jewelry to sit in the solution for a few minutes. It could stay longer if it is filthy. Then, scrub gently with a new, soft, baby-sized toothbrush.

To rinse it, place the jewelry in another bowl containing lukewarm water. After this, dry it with a piece of paper towel.


2. Mild Shampoo & Warm Water for Pearl


Mild Water and Shampoo for Pearl- How To Clean Pearls


Your pearls deserve a gentle touch to retain its pretty look. You can always give your pearls a brilliant white shine anytime they are looking dull. A gentle clean on your pearls will do the job. All you’ll need is a mild shampoo, warm water, pantyhose, and a towel.

To use this method, place dirty pearls in a pantyhose leg and tie it. Then, fill a bowl with warm water before mixing in mild shampoo. Next, place the tied hose into the mix and gently massage the pearls through the pantyhose. Be careful not to put stress on the material.

Remove the “bag of pearls” when you are satisfied and rinse with clear water using the same process used for washing. Remove pearls from the pantyhose and gently use a towel to absorb moisture until it is completely dry.


3. Beer


Beer- How To Clean Jewelry At Home


Beer? Sounds weird, right? What do you do with beer? Clean your jewelry, of course!

Pour a light beer into a bowl and leave your jewelry to soak for 5-10 minutes. Then, scrub with a clean cloth, and you will see your jewels blindingly shiny. This method is an excellent way to clean and polish solid gold jewelry.

I can’t just stop here! I want to share some useful tips to guide you on how to clean your jewelry better.


Tips on How to Clean Different Kinds of Jewelry

Different jewelry, whether gold, silver, pearl, diamond, or costume, have their uniqueness for cleaning. To make your pieces of jewelry sparkle and look like new, here are some simple tips for cleaning all your jewelry at home.

  • Make your silver jewelry shine better by mixing warm water with a few drops of mild, liquid dish soap. Then, dip a soft, clean cloth in the mix and rub your silver jewelry with the towel. Afterward, rinse the pieces in cold water and pat with a dry cloth.
  • For your golden jewelry, you can brighten gold with a simple solution of sodium-free seltzer and mild liquid dish soap water. To do this, mix a few drops of the dish soap in a bowl of the seltzer water. Then, place your jewelry in a small strainer and place the strainer in the container. Let the jewelry soak in the mix for five minutes. Then, remove the jewelry and with a soft toothbrush, carefully brush the settings and crevices. Return the pieces of jewelry to the strainer and rinse with cold water. Remove and dry with a soft cloth.
  • When dealing with pearls, you have to be careful when cleaning them because of their porous nature. Place your pearl jewelry on a soft piece of cloth. Next, dip the end of a small, clean makeup brush into a warm water and shampoo mix and brush it over each pearl. With a clean, damp cloth, rinse the pearls. Lay the pearls back on the fabric to dry. This also works for other porous jewel materials like turquoise and amber.
  • To polish your diamonds and silver jewelry, you can use an old toothbrush to buff with a gentle toothpaste gently. Rinse and buff dry for incredible shine!


When your favorite bling loses its sparkle, don't be in a hurry to take it to cleaners or buy store-bought jewelry cleaners when you can opt for DIY homemade Jewelry cleaners that are also effective. Here are 3 of them!



When you notice that your jewelry looks dull, dirty, or discolored, don’t bother! It is the standard negative effect that time could have even on the brightest of your gemstones.

That your jewelry loses its shine doesn’t mean you should render it useless. Several cleaning hacks could rebrand the look of your faded gold, silver, or diamond.

To bring back the sparkle of your jewelry, you can take your jewelry to a professional jeweler to clean it. If you don’t have the time and money involved, you could go for convenient and inexpensive home cleaning. Your homemade jewelry cleaner could give you the perfect shine you want on your jewelry.

I must not forget to add that there are commercial cleaners for jewelry, but you have to be careful of some harsh chemicals contents in them. The best and natural jewelry cleaners are inexpensive and do not contain any harsh chemicals.

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