8 Comfy Products That Help Make Wearing High Heels Actually Bearable

High heels have proven to be formidable over time. They have been around for long and are not about to go into extinct.

Despite the increasing popularity of sneakers and flat heel shoes, high heels remain a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe.

Heels are charming and seductive weapons for women. They speak a lot about the wearer’s class and personality. How well you can carry your heels and walk with grace in them is an indication of your kind of person.


Even for those who are used to it, the pain that comes with rocking high heels is largely discouraging. In this article, we have solved the problem of pain as we gather 8 comfy product that make wearing heels bearable. Check them out now!


As much as heels are a beautiful thing to wear and look at, they can also be a pain to wear. On occasions that require you to wear heels, you must be comfortable.

It is also vital that you can carry on without feeling constrained while wearing heels. If you recently saw a pair of high heels and swooned over them, but don’t know if they will be comfortable to wear, we are here to help you.

This article shows you how to wear heels without the risk of blisters, sprains, pains, and the awkward wobble that usually comes with the high heel territory. Follow up on these comfortable products, rock your heels with confidence.


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8 Comfy Products That Help Make Wearing High Heels Bearable

Sometimes, wearing high heels can be equal to stabbing yourself in the eyes. This is why you need to have comfy products that make wearing high heels easier. In this post, we highlight 8 of these products that every woman should have.

These products are easy to get and are readily available in stores. They are also painless. They include:


1. Tape



Tapes- Comfy Products That Help Make Wearing High Heels Bearable


Research has found that taping your third and fourth toenail together can reduce pain and make high heels bearable. They discovered that separated toenails are a problem because of the nerves in between. When these nerves are split, pain increases because of pressure placed on them.

The tape, therefore, removes strain by keeping the nerves together. It also helps to avoid irritation of the nerves as well as pain in the sole of the feet. Nude medical tapes are less evident and are better options for their obscurity.


2. Heel Grip Liners


Heel Grip Liners- Comfy Products That Help Make Wearing High Heels Bearable


For everyone who loves to wear heels, it is vital to own a set of heel grip liners. They are better than using sticky silicones that only fall off the back of your leg embarrassingly.

Heel grip liners protect your heel from pains. They provide as well padding for the back and sole of your feet. Most importantly, they stay in place for long. Heel grips help to keep narrow feet from sliding around in high heels.

The heel grip liner presses the toe downward in heels while gripping the foot at the back. It also prevents blistering that occurs if the shoe size is bigger than the leg.

Heel grips can be combined with thin shoe foam insert if desired.  So, rather than buying shoes only to relegate them to the back of your wardrobe, purchase heel grips to make your high heels comfortable to wear.


3. Anti-Blister Stick


Anti Blister Sticks- Comfy Products That Help Make Wearing High Heels Bearable


Anti-blister sticks are a thin stick of lubricant that is used to lubricate areas of the body that need to be moisturized, even the feet. They are preferable to blister plasters because they cannot be seen, yet, get the job of soothing pain done.

They are useful in preventing chaffing, blistering, and friction. Anti-blister sticks can also moisturize dry skins.

In case of emergencies, anti-blister sticks are a great addition to your first aid kit. They are also portable in size and can be taken around in your bag with each. However, they cannot be used on broken skin or blisters that are forming or already formed.


4. Toe Protectors


Toe Protectors- Comfy Products That Help Make Wearing High Heels Bearable


Toe protectors are like pads worn over the toes before wearing heels. They are gel cushions. Toe protectors help to guard against the pain in the toes caused by pressure or friction. It can be used for both toe and fingernails.

They also reduce pain caused by hammertoes, soft corns, and calluses. Apart from being a barrier between shoe and foot to prevent injury, toe protectors help to make existing blisters and skin damages bearable.

They are also unnoticeable and can be worn even with shoes that are not high heels. Because of their material, they can be trimmed with scissors to fit the size required.


5. Deodorants


Deodorant- Comfy Products That Help Make Wearing High Heels Bearable


Deodorants are not only great for the upper body, but they can also be used for other parts of the body, even the feet. Rubbing some deodorants on your soles just before wearing that pair of high heels can keep your feet from sweating and smelling great.

When the feet are not smelling, they are not slippery, and so you can enjoy your heels. Using deodorants can make easing into new shoes less painful.

Swiping the back and sides of the foot with deodorant acts as a barrier, protecting the foot from fiction. Deodorants reduce the risk of blisters and keep the feet cool enough to wear heels for as long as you want to.


6. Foot Petals


Foot Petals- Comfy Products That Help Make Wearing High Heels Bearable


Foot petals are sticky little cushions that help to cushion the pain you would feel from wearing high heels for long. They are used primarily to get the ball of the foot comfortable in shoes, tight or not.

Held in place by its adhesive part, foot petals are not thick enough to raise your foot. Instead, their cushion effect is more of a cloth-like material, and they are quickly forgotten. They also prevent callus in the bottom of your feet.

Foot Petals also makes an insole that fits from the front to the back. They prevent the foot from sliding to the front of shoes. It can also reduce back pain by absorbing pain from wearing heels for too long. Hence, giving your toe comfort from inside the shoes.


7. Moleskin Padding Strips


Moleskin Padding Strips- Comfy Products That Help Make Wearing High Heels Bearable


Moleskin padding strips are designed to help relieve pain. It provides all-day pain relief from bunions, calluses, and corns. It has an adhesive side with which it sticks to high heels.

Moleskins are soft cotton-flannel paddings that protect the foot against shoe friction, and its thin designs conform to feet, shoes, and sizes. They are designed to stay on all day. Also, moleskin helps to prevent blisters and can be cut to include use for large areas. It also prevents the foot from sliding.


8. Heel Stopper


Heel Stoppers- Comfy Products That Help Make Wearing High Heels Bearable


Heel Stoppers are protectors that prevent your heels from sinking while walking.  They are made from rubber and help to make walking in high heels outdoor or on uneven surfaces easier and simpler.

They are contoured discreetly to any heel shape and do not damage the fabric of your heels. Heel stoppers have reinforced bottom layers to prevent breaking and warping of heels.

They are extra durable and can be used as many times as possible. Also, they have a 360° protection at the base to prevent it from climbing into your heel and blocks dirt, stains, and scrapes.

Heel Stoppers are transparent and are unnoticeable. They are made to blend in with any color of heels worn.


Check these article for genius beauty products that make wearing high heels comfortable. With these products, you don't need to worry about wearing heels for an extended period as they are super comfortable.



It feels lovely to be able to keep your heels on until the last minute, doesn’t it? You don’t have to change into flat soles to ease yourself of any pain. You don’t want to go on limping after the day’s work or a fantastic ball dinner either. It’s easy!

Any of these comfy products could be your saving grace. Try them out and go on and on standing, walking, dancing, and bending in your heels with no trouble whatsoever.

You could share some other easy tricks to make our heels comfy. Please drop your suggestions in the comment box.

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