20+ Genius Clothing Items You Didn’t Even Know You Could Buy

Genius Clothing- The littlest inventions have a way of making our lives and daily living more fun and less stressful.

For me, I love anything that won’t stress me or cause me to bulge about going about my life like an average person would. Once I find things as such, it is in my closet already!


There are some clothing items that will make dressing comfortable and easy for you. Here are 201 genius clothing items you never thought of but comes with 100% comfort, Check out this post on more about them.


My favorite of all these items is the underarm pads because I’m a kind of sweaty person and ever since I found them, I am stuck on them. All of these genius clothing items can be given to any of your family or friends because they will pass as amazing gifts.

Just like I did, I sincerely hope you find one or two things useful out of these over 20 items.


1. Bra Travel Case


Bra Travel Case-fashion Accessory


One of the most annoying things ever is packing my bras in my suitcase and having them disfigured by the time I’m in need of them! This is the best thing ever because you can now have your bras safely kept without getting them bent and oddly shaped.

The case is hard, and it also has a compartment where you can keep your panties- two amazing use for one item! Get it here on Amazon


2. Stow-N-Go Bra


Stow-N-Go Bra - 20+ Genius Clothing Items You Didn’t Even Know You Could Buy


Keep all of the essentials at just hands reach with this sports bra from North Face that has a double layer chest pocket. I’ve also seen this pocket hold an iPod, so it must be quite roomy.

Only for A and B cups though, ladies! What’s up with that? Looks like I’m going to need that wrist wallet, after all. Get yours here


3. Heated Sweatshirts

Another genius clothing is the heated sweatshirts. The brand that produced this heated sweatshirt also has a whole collection of heated clothes. Polar seal’s blue sweatshirt is a perfect one for winter sports enthusiasts.

The buttons on the left sleeve allow you to choose the right temperature for you such that you stay warm for longer.


4. Underarm Pads

As a sweaty person that I am, all I have to do is to stick on these underarm pads, and I am good to go. So if you are a person that sweats when you are nervous- have an interview or a meeting, you don’t have to worry about sweating yourself out.

Just put on these pads and keep your sweats to yourself! Asides that, it will help you keep the sweat odor in and keep you feeling fresh all day. Get them here on Amazon.com


5. CamiBands


CamiBand-Fashion Accessories


For a top that shows too much cleavage, this cami band will help you extend your shirt. Or for a low rise jeans, pop on some cami band! You can also wear this over your swimsuit or bikini bottoms at the beach. You can shop for them here on CamiBands.com or  from Amazon


6. Wrist Wallets


Wrist Wallets- Fashion Accesories You Didn’t Even Know You Could Buy


Now you can have your morning runs without the feeling of having a key in your shoes. This is another easy way to make life more fun.

All you have to do is put your keys in, tie the laces and you are good to run! Asides the keys, you can now have your cash and anything else in it while you go for a run or a walk. Where has this been hiding since? Get yours now from Amazon


7. PreHeels Miracle Spray


PreHeels Miracle Spray - 20+ Brilliant Clothing Items You Didn't Know You Could Buy


Are those evil (but, oh so cute) high heels causing discomfort and blisters? Try this miracle spray from PreHeels! It’s basically like an invisible bandage that you can spray on your problem areas before you even put your heels on.

It creates a barrier that blocks friction and prevents the pain before it starts.


8. Blouse Button

Get these blouse buttons for those blouses, tops, and cardigans that likes to pop open every time.  Not every time safety pins! These blouse buttons are chic and stylish.

You can also use them for open front tops and sweaters without an actual button to keep them close; these buttons will be helpful. It beats a safety pin! Pick up a few here.


9. High Heel Stretcher


High Heel Stretcher - Fashion accessories You Didn't Know You Could Buy


Another of these genius clothing items is the  High Heel Stretcher, 3″ – 6″, Shoe Stretch Women. The picture says it all or do you need me to tell more? Get the perfect fit! This little gadget helps either break in new shoes or simply widen shoes that are too tight.

It has great reviews on Amazon, but keep in mind that it only stretches the width NOT the length. It also only comes with one (it is not a set), so you would have to stretch one shoe at a time

10. Sholdit


Sholdit- 20+ Genius Clothing Items You Didn’t Even Know You Could Buy


Although this item is similar to the hoodie scarf, it is different from it because this does not have an actual hoodie.

This scarf has a compartment wherein you can keep your phone, wallet, keys and everything you might need. I’d use this secret stash scarf to store my lipgloss for easy access!


11. Secret Bra Stash


Secret Bra Stash- Fashion Items You Didn’t Even Know You Could Buy


This bra stash is an absolute genius way to keep your valuables from the predator. You know what I mean right?

With this item, you can now have enough safekeeping for your phones, money, when traveling or on a drunk night out with the squad. Check them out here.


12. Bra Extenders


Bra Extenders- 20+ Genius Clothing Items You Didn’t Even Know You Could Buy


Who else feels uncomfortable wearing a bra? Well, these bra extenders have been my saving grace on days when I don’t feel like wearing a bra. I just attach this extender in a matching color, and I wear my bra with a little comfort.

By this, I mean I connect this extender to enable me to wear my bra as loosely as I can.


13. Secret Scarf Stash

Secret Scarf Stash- Fashion Items You Didn’t Even Know You Could Buy



Need to hide something from people? Poy it in your secret stash scarf and no one will notice! In this purse, you can hide your passport, credit card, cash, and other items and you will feel safe overall.

For a makeup lover like I am, you can put your powder, lipstick and a small mirror in there for when you need to touch up your makeup.


14. Thigh Bands



Thigh Bands- 20+ Genius Clothing Items You Didn’t Even Know You Could Buy


Do your thighs rub on each other while you walk? Mine do, and that made me get these thigh bands! Bandelettes are designed to stay in place and then keep your inner thighs from chaffing and sweating.

To keep the inner thighs from sweating, chafing and rubbing against each other which can cause inflammation in the inner thigh. You can wear them under your skirt or dress, and they come in different sizes and colors too. Get Yours Here


15. Ponytail Headbands


Ponytail Headband- 20+ Genius Clothing Items You Didn’t Even Know You Could Buy


This clothing item will help you protect your ears from the winter chill while vamping up your look by keeping your hair in a ponytail. While on your morning jogs, it will help keep your hair away from your face.

Also, it will help protect your face from flies that may want to come your way while jogging. Get one here on Amazon.


16. Keysocks


Keysocks- Items You Didn’t Even Know You Could Buy


These Light Fabric Knee High No Show Socks are specially made for you if you love wearing heels and flats during winter. All they do is that they help you stay warm in cold times other than ordinary footwear.

Also, they fit perfectly as they don’t slip off at the back so you can wear them comfortably with your favorite pair of shoes. Shop for keysock here


17. Waist Extenders

If you have been having fun and eating all you could during the holidays, don’t budge. This waist extender allows you to add some inches to your waistband. So, you don’t have to worry about your clothes not fitting correctly.

Buy the jean waist extenders here & hook extenders here


18. Beer Koozie Gloves


Beer Koozie Glo accessory


Another of the amazing clothing items you never thought of buying is the beer koozie gloves. For baseball or football games, get one of these gloves. These gloves will help protect your hand from getting cold while drinking your cold beer. Get one here on Amazon.com


19. The Flipbelt


FlipBelt as an accessory


If you do not like holding your phones while doing sports- running, or hiking, get this belt. This beautifully colored belt will help you keep your phones safe whether you are running or doing any sport.

This is perfect for theme parks, or anytime you don’t want to carry a purse. Read the reviews and check them out here on Amazon.


20. Hoodie For Two


Hoodie For Two- 20+ Genius Clothing Items You Didn’t Even Know You Could Buy


This is another of the genius clothing items you never thought you could buy. It is simply for you and your baby to keep warm in this comfortable hoodie for two. This hoodie will come in handy when you have errands to run, and you want to carry your baby with you.

This is perfect for walks or a day out shopping. You can find them on Amazon.


21. HalfTees


HalfTees as a clothing accessory


Just as the name implies, it is half of a full T-shirt, and this means less cloth and less heat. You can stock up these halftees in as many colors as you want because they make layering fun and comfortable.

They come in different styles and fabric, and you can choose whichever neckline you want- high or low.  Shop for HalfTees here


looking for amazing genius clothing items to add to your wardrobe? Check out these 20+ clothing items you didn't know you could buy and enjoy the comfort that comes with fashion.



These genius clothing items will make life easier to live. Be sure to add any of these to your closet and when you do, kindly share with us.

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