27 Most Fun & Innovative Garden Gift Ideas Every Gardener Will Love

Garden Gift Ideas – When you give out gifts to friends, lovers, and family, your ultimate goal is to get the recipient to fall in love with what you’ve offered. Gifts are given considering your receiver’s tastes, likes, identity, and personalities.

You probably have a gardener in your family or as a friend, a neighbor, or a colleague at work. But have you ever thought out the perfect garden gift ideas for them?

Garden enthusiasts are lovers of green life and natural ambiance. Brighten up your plant-lovers with these 27 fun and innovative garden gift ideas. They are beautiful, attractive, and cost-effective for you to pick up at every season.


Do you have a friend who loves gardening? Are you thinking of what to gift him or her? Look no further as we provide you a comprehensive list of  27 perfect and most fun garden gifts ideas you can choose from.


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1. Tool Tote


Tool Tote- Gift Ideas For Gardeners


A  garden tote is ideal for organizing and transporting smaller equipment around the garden.  It comes handy in different forms – leather, wood, or plastic-  and varying sizes.

Every gardener would have the pleasure of accepting a gift of such because it will be put to constant use.


2. Herb Drying Rack


Herb Drying Rack- Gift Ideas For Gardeners


Another of the garden gift ideas that gardeners would love is the herb rack.

Horticulturists who nurture varieties of culinary and medicinal herbs will relish the opportunity to dry out their herbs in style with this simple yet strong hanging herb rack.  Herb drying racks are for drying out herbs and preserving them for as long as possible.

There are steel-made, wooden-made, and handmade versions of these racks.


3. Personalized Garden  Planter


Personalized Garden Planter- 27 Most Fun & Innovative Garden Gift Ideas Every Gardener Will Love


Imagine how beautiful a garden planter would look like with the name of your plant-lover inscribed on it. Impressively gorgeous, the beauty of flowers is incredible in such personalized planters.


4. Metal Iron Hanging Flower Pots


Personalized Garden Planter- Innovative Garden Gift Ideas Every Gardener Will Love


Hanging flower pots are colorful, easy to handle, and are fabulous gifts for those who love gardening. You can hang them on the balcony or fence, leaving the garden with a breath-taking ambiance.

You can also grow a wide range of herbs like basil, thyme, parsley, chives in them. For loved ones who wish to brighten up their gardens, gifting these fancy and colorful pots would mean the world to them.


5. Garden Knife


Garden Knife - Innovative Garden Gift Ideas Every Gardener Will Love


Another of the exciting garden gift ideas you would think for those who love gardening is the garden knife.

This is a garden tool with multiple functions. You can use it for digging, measuring depth, pruning, trimming, and more.  It would be lovely to get a garden knife with a  super thick leather sheath and a whetstone for sharpening.


6. Bee and Pollinator Seed Balls


Bee and Pollinator Seed Balls - Innovative Garden Gift Ideas Every Gardener Will Love


Horticulturists are thrilled with the view of their garden buzzing with the sounds of bees, butterflies, and birds. For your friends and family who are green-fingered, one of the exciting garden gift ideas you would think for them are these seed balls.

It is the easiest way to grow a Bee garden. Seed balls contain flower seeds rolled with clay. All that needs to be done is to toss these balls on prepared soil to grow a variety of flowers bees love, including Mexican sunflowers, borage, cosmos, asters, coreopsis, marigolds, poppies, and forget-me-nots.

Each seed ball contains a packet’s worth of seed, rolled with a proprietary mix of organics and clay to provide ideal growing conditions. Rain and watering dissolve the clay, allowing the seeds to sprout surrounded by a source of the nutrients.


7. Gardeners Hand Lotion


Gardeners Hand Lotion - Innovative Garden Gift Ideas Every Gardener Will Love


Gardeners spend their time digging, weeding, planting, and picking up plants. Constant cultivation leaves their skin, looking worn, chapped, and dry. Hand lotions nourish, smoothen, and beautify the skin.

Alternatively,  homemade cream – made from shea butter, mango butter, and essential oils – makes an equally fantastic gift amongst the garden gifts ideas.


8. Veg Kit


Veg Kit - Innovative Garden Gift Ideas Every Gardener Will Love


Have you gardeners who are crazy about innovative things? This funky veg kit will thrill them. It also contains everything needed to grow purple carrots, red Brussels sprouts, stripy tomatoes, yellow zucchini, and multi-colored Swiss chard!


9. Potting Bench


Potting Bench - Innovative Garden Gift Ideas Every Gardener Will Love


A good quality potting bench is an incredible garden gift idea. It makes life easier for hands-on gardeners. A Potting bench or gardening table is a type of workbench used for small gardening tasks such as transplanting seedlings.

An essential potting bench has a work surface at bench height, comfortable for a standing person, with storage for potting soil, pots, and tools.

The same furniture is often used to display potted plants, even indoors. Since this type of furniture is often exposed to soil, water, and sunlight, it must be made from weather-resistant materials if it is not to decay rapidly.

Cedarwood is a popular choice. Plastic potting benches are cheaper and, for those who can afford it, there is teak. Metal construction may be considered if corrosion can be controlled.

A potting bench also makes both indoor and outdoor gardening simpler and less messy.


10. Bird Bath


Bird Bath - Innovative Garden Gift Ideas Every Gardener Will Love


Your bird lover gardeners will certainly appreciate a birdbath. The birdbath is an artificial puddle or small shallow pond, created with a water-filled basin, in which birds may drink, bathe, and cool themselves.

A birdbath can be a garden ornament, a small reflecting pool, outdoor sculpture, and part of creating a vital wildlife garden.

A birdbath is an attraction for many different species of birds to visit gardens, especially during the summer and drought periods. Birdbaths that provide a reliable source of water year-round add to the popularity and “micro-habitat” support.


11. Gardening Books


Gardening Books - Innovative Garden Gift Ideas Every Gardener Will Love


A book guide to gardening sounds like a perfect garden gift for a starter.

The book may contain a host of tips on cultivation and gardening process. It may include information worksheets, planning guidelines, crop selection for maximum production, succession and relay planting, soil maintenance tips, pest management, and more.


12. Gathering Basket


Gathering Basket - Innovative Garden Gift Ideas Every Gardener Will Love


Sturdy though lightweight, this functional wood-and-wire basket makes the perfect gardener’s companion. The oblong shape is just the right size for gathering up the fruits of your garden or toting along with your weeding tools. This galvanized metal basket allows excess dirt and debris to escape easily.


13. Rose Gloves


Rose Gloves - Innovative Garden Gift Ideas Every Gardener Will Love


Not just for roses only, these flexible, padded, sturdy gloves are a gardener’s best friend. Designed with protection in mind, the gloves come with the extra-long length shields arms against thorns, poisonous vines—even bugs.

Made of nylon and supple, durable synthetic suede, the gloves are flexible and breathable, and won’t crack, stiffen or shrink—even after machine-washing.


14. Apple Tree-To-Be Kit


Apple Tree-To-Be Kit - Innovative Garden Gift Ideas Every Gardener Will Love


This is one great gift that truly makes a lasting impression. Beautifully packaged kit contains harvested seeds of heirloom apples, which are medium to large size, with thin, greenish-yellow skin covered with dark pink and red stripes.

The gift set includes soil, planting seeds, burlap bag, pot, and an aluminum tag, for placing a personalized inscription on the tree.


15. Botanical Slate Stepping Stones


Botanical Slate Stepping Stones - Innovative Garden Gift Ideas Every Gardener Will Love


These etched slate stepping stones feature creative, natural designs. They’ll also bring a decorative touch, whether used to accent a garden landscape, create a garden pathway—or even artfully displayed along a patio or porch wall.

You could choose from floral, swirl, or tree designs.


16. Violet Terrarium


Violet Terrarium- Innovative Garden Gift Ideas Every Gardener Will Love


This awesome looking terrarium brings to life the  Victorian tradition of terrariums with the trio of flowering violets displayed in a tabletop glass-and-metal planter.

The enclosed terrarium showcases the flowers and also provides the perfect growing climate for them to thrive well. Violets arrive in full bloom, with a light purple, dark purple, and pink assortment.


17. Garden Kneeler


Garden Kneeler - Innovative Garden Gift Ideas Every Gardener Will Love


Gardening requires a lot of kneeling, which can wreak havoc on the knees and legs. Giving the gardener in your life a kneeling pad is a thoughtful gift.

Save your planter friends from back strain and knee pain in the garden by gifting a garden kneeler.


18. Heirloom Seeds


Heirloom Seeds - Innovative Garden Gift Ideas Every Gardener Will Love


With so much concern around genetically modified foods and hybrid varieties of plants, many gardeners will be thrilled with Heirloom Seeds.


19. Seed Pack Organizer


Seed Pack Organizer - Innovative Garden Gift Ideas Every Gardener Will Love


Encourage your plant lovers to beautifully stack their seeds according to their planting dates with this simple but fantastic gift. Seed organizers help save precious minutes, allowing busy gardeners to put their hands on their desired seeds in seconds.

This attractive organizer makes it easy for gardeners to keep track of their seeds.


20. Garden Tool Holder


Garden Tool Holder - Innovative Garden Gift Ideas Every Gardener Will Love


A tool holder keeps larger tools like brushes, rakes, shovels, and spades safely stowed out of the way yet within easy reach.

This tool will gladden the heart of a gardener friend whose equipment always hangs around in his messy garage.


21. Wildflower and Organic Vegetable Seed Kits


Wildflower and Organic Vegetable Seed Kits - Gift Ideas For Gardeners


These adorable seed kits are superb garden gifts for all of your gardening friends and family. The kit comes in attractive packaging with top-quality seeds, fresh-packed flower, vegetable, and herb seeds.

Ideal for posting, and easy to order, these seed kits come in cute packaging, and the seeds themselves are top quality.


22. Indoor Allotment


Indoor Allotment - Gift Ideas For Gardeners


The indoor allotment makes the perfect gift for all those who love gardening or quirky design.  It’s an adorable way to house a kitchen herb garden.

Amazingly attractive and beautiful to behold, indoor allotment makes the interior growing of herbs so fanciful.


23. Chalkboard Herb Pots


 Chalkboard Herb Pots - Gift Ideas For Gardeners


Awesome as a birthday gift, these chalkboards herb pots are precious additions to any garden.  Innovative and creative, it is a DIY  herb pot.

Paint a variety of pots or jars with chalkboard paint and add some sweet drawings or messages before planting seeds.


24. DIY Vintage Tea Cup Bird Feeder


DIY Vintage Tea Cup Bird Feeder - Gift Ideas For Gardeners


Bird lovers will appreciate this thoughtful and stylish handmade gift. Making these cute gifts do not cost a fortune.

It can be made using a vintage china cup, a little glue, string, and some birdseed.


25. Succulent Living Wall Art


Succulent Living Wall Art - Gift Ideas For Gardeners


Not only are succulents practically evergreen gifts, but they are also attractive and pleasing to look at. This is why this piece of living wall art makes a memorable gift.

It can be used as an outdoor dining centerpiece.


26. DIY CD Case Greenhouse


DIY CD Case Greenhouse - Gift Ideas For Gardeners


A mini greenhouse is a great place to start seeds or protect delicate spring bulbs. Starting hardy vegetable plants earlier than outdoors and getting earlier harvests of tender plants such as French beans.

Growing tender crops such as aubergines, cucumbers, peppers, and chilies, and tomatoes through the summer months. What’s more, this handmade green gift can be fashioned from old CD cases and glue!


27. Solar Bottle Lantern Kit


Solar Bottle Lantern Kit - Gift Ideas For Gardeners


This useful kit will help its recipient transform any empty beverage bottle into a gorgeous, eco-friendly twinkling nighttime lantern! The LED lights will last thousands of hours, and the kit is weatherproof for year-round use and enjoyment.


Do you need a creative gift idea for the Gardner in your life, be it your Mom, Dad, Partner, Friend or Colleague? Here are 27 Most Fun and Innovative garden gift ideas every gardener will love and appreciate.



Garden lovers feel peaceful, lively, and gay with just the imagination of beautifully decorated flower pots, an eco-friendly greenhouse, herb racks, and everything that makes planting fun and interesting.

Bring to live these imaginations of your gardener acquaintances by sending them one of those fun garden gifts.

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