9 DIY Garage Organization Ideas To Save Tons Of Space

Garage Organization Ideas – A garage literally is a part of the building that is meant for keeping vehicles. But in the real sense, do we only have our vehicles in our garages? I doubt that.

In many homes, the garage is a dumping ground for a lot of garden gears, used toys, tools, and a lot more. That isn’t a bad practice, but it is not cool if your garage looks untidy and muddled up due to overstocking.

Many people no longer park their vehicles in the garage because of limited space. You can maximize your garage space and save tons of space for your vehicles if you try to key into any of these useful garage organization ideas.

And guess what! You don’t need an expert to have your garage beautifully arranged. With a few hours set out on a Saturday morning, you can make more space in your garage.

Keep reading to handpick some ideas you can do yourself to save tons of space in your garage.


To save more space in your garage, here are some ideal garage organization hacks to help you put your it in order. You can do this by yourself and at little cost too.


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1. Reduce the Load

Before arranging the things in your garage, this idea should be the first on your to-do list. There is probably a lot of junk you’re keeping in your garage. What do I mean by junks? Things you are never going to use again.

These include empty cans, bottles, spoilt gear, tools, rusted metal, and iron crap,  and so on. If you’re not making use of them again, the best thing to do is to give out the useful ones and dump the rest in a scrap bin.

So, how do you start making space in your garage? Begin by throwing out any unneeded or unused items. When you have a large number of things to get rid of, call for garbage service or a private removal service to rid your garage of junk.


2. Put Car Wash Supplies In A Flat Bucket


Put Car Wash Supplies In A Flat Bucket - Garage Organization Ideas


Rather than have your car wash instruments lying on the garage floor, there is a better way out. You can use a flat bucket to get them stacked up of the wall. Just get two Monkey Hooks handy, use them to hang the flat back bucket on the wall.

Then arrange all that you use to wash your car in the bucket. Perfect! No more searching all through the garage for your brush or liquid wash. Everything stays together in one place.


3. Spray Paint Storage Using Window Box Planters


Spray Paint Storage Using Window Box Planters - Garage Organization Ideas


This is also one of the DIY garage organization ideas you should try out. You can use plastic window box planters to keep your spray paint on the wall. Isn’t that a genius idea? Get a window box planter and some Monkey Hooks.

Mark a level line on the wall the width of your planter. Insert a Monkey Hook about 3 inches from each end of the line, and one in the center for extra support.

Then, hang your planter on the hooks, and you’re done! It doesn’t have only to be a paint storage! You can also store anything you want in those hanging planters.


4. Garage Storage Shelving System


Garage Storage Shelving System - Garage organization Hacks


Here’s the perfect way to create a shelving system in your garage! The next time, there’s a sale at your favorite container store, be sure to pick up as many colorful plastics as possible to create this look.


5. Store Rope and Twine Properly

My little boy once fell in my garage because I had some ropes lying carelessly in the ground. Apart from the fact that it is not safe to keep rope and twines on the floor, it makes your garage look messy.

Also, you might have to deal with tangled ropes all the time. So what is the solution I have for you? You can neatly roll your ropes and twines in old coffee cans or empty Pringles containers. For ease of usage, just cut an X-shaped slit in the lid to create an instant dispenser.


6. Install a Pegboard


Install a Pegboard - Garage Organization Ideas


Having a pegboard hanging somewhere on the wall is one of the genius garage organization ideas. The perforated hardboard has evenly spaced holes that accept pegs or hooks to support garage items.

With a pegboard installed on a wall, you can hang every hand tool or gadget you have, making them more accessible. To start hanging, get a series of wire brackets to hang basic tools. You can also buy some hanging baskets that fit on pegboards; they’re perfect for storing things like nails or bottles of glue.


7. Add a folding table


Add a folding table - Garage Organization Ideas


This is a perfect thing to do when you have limited space in the garage after parking your vehicles. If you prefer a drop-down folding table that is connected to the wall with hinges,  you can fold the legs under and fold it up against the garage wall when you aren’t using it.


8. Use the space above your garage doors

There’s often a lot of empty space above garage doors that you can use. Hence, it will be perfect to install wire shelves that attach to the ceiling as part of your DIY garage storage organization plan.

To hang shelves above your garage doors, measure the space before buying shelves to make sure it will fit. Then, purchase durable tote bags that will fit on the shelves. You can use these bags to store seasonal items, like holiday decorations, that you need to less frequently.


9. Hang A Utility Rack


Hang A Utility Rack - Garage Organization Ideas


Rakes, shovels, hoes, and brooms are tools that take up space. Instead of leaning them against the wall, making it possible for people to trip on them, you can hang these tools with an utility rack from a department store.

If space is an issue, you can buy individual hooks and hang them in tight spaces, such as between the garage doors, next to the tool bench or near the entrance to the house.


Want some DIY organization ideas for your garage? Here are 9 simple, budget-friendly garage organization hacks that you can try now.



I believe there could be more ways to give your garage as enough space as possible. Try out some of the round-ups we got for you in this post for a start. However, if you find out more amazing ideas on garage organization, please do share some of them with us.

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