19 DIY Food Gifts With Clever Packaging Ideas That You Can Actually Make

Food Gifts – I know what the conventional traditional gifts are. Cards! Wine! Cupcakes! Sweets! But don’t you think you can do better than that?

I know quite a number of people love to gift things. But the sad thing is that only a few know what to gift. Do you know you could easily come up with so amazing-looking food gifts all in your home?

You might not need to spend a fortune buying expensive clothing, perfumes, accessories that your receiver may not like. What about food? Who doesn’t like to eat? I guess, nobody. Even if it is little, everyone loves to eat a particular thing.

So, to present food gifts, all you’ve got to do is know your recipient’s favorite food, drink or even snacks. Then, you’re good to go! It is time to switch up your gifting ideas and make some simple, cheap and mind-blowing options.

Excite your friends, party host, spouse, family, colleagues at work or anybody at all with some homemade food gifts. Trust me! You can simply captivate the body, mind, and soul of anyone with these cute looking and edible gifts. Make a choice now and you won’t regret it!


Gifting food is perfect way to inject cheer into the atmosphere. I mean, who doesn't love to eat? In this post are best food gift ideas with clever packaging you can make at home. This lifts to the food gifts to the magical status!


1. Red Velvet Snowballs Food Gift


Red Velvet Snowball- DIY Food Gifts


This is a simple and nice box of snowballs. These sugary edible snowball cookies are yummy desserts that will fit perfectly inside egg cartons for inexpensive gift packaging.

Put some mini lotus cupcake liners in a six-egg carton, add cookies and tie the box up with a plain tag. Check out this recipe to make yours.


2. Peppermint Blondies DIY Food Gift


Peppermint Blondies DIY Food Gift-DIY Food Gifts With Clever Packaging Ideas


The luscious taste of these peppermint blondies will surely sweep the eaters off their feet. But before they taste your wonderfully prepared homemade blondies, your packaging must be quite attractive too.

Get a kraft paper box and line it with striped wax tissue paper. Having done that, arrange your blondies in the box and close. Finish up your gift by wrapping the exterior with decorative paper. The receiver of this gift will surely be super curious to know what’s in the box.

See the recipe for your peppermint blondies.


3. Sugar Cookies Food Gift

I know cookies are some of the famous food gifts we give. Now I’m not referring to store-bought cookies. As a matter of fact, your homemade cookies could taste even better. You can gift these homely sugar cookies in a decorated glassine bag.

They look so much pretty in with those cards and ribbons, don’t they? Simply put the cookies in a glassine bag. Make a hole on the tops of bags and fix in decorative cards on them using pretty ribbons. Here is the recipe for your homemade sugar cookies.


4. Spiced Shortbread Food Gift Idea


Spiced Shortbread- DIY Food Gifts


My new neighbor once gifted me with this on the day of my house warming. Even though I received quite a lot of other gifts, I appreciated this more because of its simplicity. And not just that! The spice shortbread tasted really great.

So great that I salivate anytime I remember it. Wrap the edges of a cardboard pie slice box with a decorative ribbon and wrap the shortbread in parchment. Then secure with ribbon and tuck inside a box. Check out this recipe to make yours.


5. Biscuit-Jam Cookies Food Gift


Biscuit-Jam Cookies Food Gift-DIY Food Gifts With Clever Packaging Ideas


This is one of the simplest food gifts ideas on this list. It might be quite faster and easier if you decide to use store-bought cookies-like biscuits and jam. Just make sure you are using the favorite jam flavor of your recipient.

Make this crafty cookie gift idea and put a smile on someone’s face.

To package it, you can line a berry basket with polka dot tissue paper and add cookies. Then wrap with rickrack, and sew in place with a button and embroidery thread. To have your homemade biscuit and jam, check here for the recipe.


6. Fresh Tomato Sauce

This is one gift that my mother appreciates more than any other in the world. My old momma loves fresh tomato sauce. Growing up with her, she made it over and over again and paired it with other meals.

Now, whenever I go to see her, I go along with a jar of fresh homemade tomato sauce. All you’ve got to do is find nice jars or bottles that can be gifts, thoroughly clean all containers with soap and hot water before filling with homemade tomato sauce.


7. Calming Herbal Tea


Calming Herbal Tea- DIY Food Gifts


If you have friends who are die-hard fans of natural herbal and medicinal tea, this gift idea is simply perfect for them.

All by yourself, you can produce a mix of some really nice dried herbs. This mix is what you package in tea bags as gifts. Trust me, anyone who values herbal mix will totally love this gift.

You can have a mix of 1/4 oz. each of lemon balm, chamomile, passionflower, and rosebuds or rose petals. Combine all these herbs in a bowl and mix together properly.

Then, spoon 1 heaping teaspoon of the blend into petite sacks (tea bags). Knot the mouth of the sacks with thread labeled with hand-cut, hand-stamped tags.


8. Homemade Jams


Homemade Jam- DIY Food Gifts


You can gift a jar of homemade jams to try out something new for your gift tradition. Well, you might think it is better to stop by at a store and grab a bottle of jam, right? Yes! That’s way faster.

But the idea is to make a difference.

You can nicely package a flavorful homemade jam for a colleague at work. This gift would be more appreciated because it is unique and not the same as the versions you find in stores.

You can use this recipe to make your mix berry Jam at home. Package it in a cute glass bottle, drop in a gift bag, and off it goes for delivery.


9. Homemade Vanilla Extract


Homemade Vanilla Extract- DIY Food Gifts


Do you have bakers as friends? If you’re tired of gifting them fancy cupcake liners, beautiful cake pans or cake books, this is a great idea for you. Just make a big bottle of vanilla extract for them in your home.

You can even paste a nice decoration paper on the paper with an inscription of your name (the giver) on the jar.

The only downside of this gift idea is that it is time-consuming. But that shouldn’t be a big deal! You can always plan ahead for a gift. All you need is vodka, vanilla beans, and a nice well-cocked bottle or jar. See step-by-step tips on how to make your homemade vanilla extract.


10. Flavored Vodkas

Does anyone ever get disappointed to receive a bottle of vodka? Maybe none! Rather than gift your regular vodka bottles, you can add novelty to your vodka by adding some flavor. There are countless flavors you can add to your vodka.

It all depends on the preference of whoever it is you want to give the gift to. Check these recipes for different infused and flavored vodkas.


11. Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Pancake Mix


Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Pancake Mix- DIY Food Gifts


Still on the list of the best food gifts that any could ever gift or receive. I decided to add a pancake mix to it. But not the regular pancake mix.

This one is made from whole wheat! That should be a welcome idea for anyone watching his/her weight. Pancakes prep could be faster with this ready-made mix. Learn how to make a lovely whole wheat chocolate chip pancake mix here.


12. A Package of Gorgeously Embellished Oreos


Oreos- DIY Food Gifts


You can be creative with Oreos biscuits. On presenting your Oreos, it might be difficult to trace the source back to Oreos after the awning transformation it undergoes. You can gorgeously embellish your Oreos in nice packages such as these.


13. Red Velvet Cupcake in a Jar

Send your cupcakes as a gift in a most unique packaged form. Sending cupcakes in boxes seem to be norms, but have you ever tried sending cakes in mason jars?

It is high time you tried something different for more fun and surprises. Make a rather casual cupcake look more dignified in a beautifully decorated jar. Here is how it is done.


14. Flavored Salts


Flavored Salt- DIY Food Gifts


Salt is the most basic of seasonings many people keep at home. As ordinary and common it may seem, food gifts are not exclusive of salt. All you need to do is to make your salt gift-worthy.

How do you do that? Packaging! And flavors! You can have flavored salts arranged in adorable jars adorned with cute labels. Here is how you can give your salt as a gift.


15. Peppermint Sticks


Peppermint Sticks- DIY Food Gifts


Who wouldn’t love to have this box of goodness? These peppermint sticks look great and taste even better!

Dip store-bought peppermint sticks in melted white chocolate, then roll in coconut or other desired toppings. Once dried, place in a gift box with holiday tissue paper.


16. Rosemary Honey


Rosemary Honey- DIY Food Gifts


Honey makes a really good gift for those that love to use it. If you have anyone in your life that appreciates natural alternatives to sweeteners and sugar, getting honey could be perfect.

But it may only seem better and more interesting to rebrand natural honey with an aromatic sprig and a sweet bee art, The bee in that jar is simply crafted you can cut out on a sticker paper. Check out how to transform your honey here.


17. Microwave Caramels


Microwave Caramels- DIY Food Gifts


Going on a weekend visit to an old friend with kids? While a flavored salt may be the best pick for your friend, these sticky, rich candies are the best for her kids.

These are the simplest caramels you’ll ever make. Add sprinkles of sea salt for extra depth of flavor sure to please everyone that tastes it. check this recipe.


18. Espresso-Flavored Sugar Cubes


Espresso Flavored Sugar Cubes- DIY Food Gifts


Classic food gifts ever for coffee lovers! These espresso-flavored sugar cubes are easy to make, great to give as gifts, and fun to use. It is sincerely a gift that any adult in your life would fall in love with.

Bring back a memory of you in any family you gift this to every morning as they share tea. Check this recipe to learn how to make and package your espresso flavored sugar.


19. Tart-Cherry and Dark Chocolate Bars

Chocolates! Yeah! Sounds great for me. Maybe not for everyone. Gorgeously wrapped Candy bar chocolates are great gifts to any chocolate fan.


These food gift ideas are a perfect gift for your host, friends, and family. You can now walk into a room assured that your gift would be loved without having to spend too much on purchasing a gift! These are truly special food recipes.



Let me speak your mind. Your idea of food gifts just got better, right? Awesome! Thanks for reading the post. If you have some fascinating food gift ideas, you can share it with us in the comment box.

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