Best Cuisinart Slow Cooker 2020 – The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

In most houses, cooking is a significant task. Even if it is not, there is always room to cut back on it and make it easier and more enjoyable. This is where the Cuisinart slow cooker comes in.

If you are looking to stop spending so much on eating outs and trying to avoid low quality pre-prepared food, the Cuisinart slow cooker is a definite must-have.

Also, if you are all for minimalism in your kitchen while striving to get fresh and healthy food, you must get a slow cooker. With a slow cooker, you can do all that you want to in the kitchen without having to spend so much time in the cooking process actively.

This is because the slow cooker takes away the burden of being actively involved in cooking since with a slow cooker, you can set it and go about doing other things, making it a smooth and healthy way to prepare food. All of this with the bonus of the food prepared tasting delicious.

In compiling our list of the best Cuisinart Slow Cookers for 2020, we checked out a few available options. In this guide, we review the best Cuisinart Slow Cooker to aid your decision-making process bearing you and your family’s likely need in mind.


Slow cookers are a handy tool if you love cooking. In this best cuisinart slow cooker review, we take to mind what your family might need and we've come up with the best ones for 2020. Check this post now to get them.


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What Is A Cuisinart Slow Cooker?

Just as the name suggests, the Slow cooker is a kitchen appliance that simmers food and over a long period.

It usually comes in a large dish shape with a lid on top and control setting bars underneath. With a slow cooker, you can make deliciously flavored meals such as soups and stews.

The Cuisinart slow cooker cooks food at a low temperature. This way, food cooked simmers and is fully tenderized and suffused with all the flavors you want. The best slow cooker to find will have all manner of extra features while the cheap ones will tend to be more basic.

However, both will have essential features of a slow cooker. Another pot that works like a slow cooker is called a Crock-Pot.


Benefits of Using A Cuisinart Slow Cooker

If you are looking to buy a slow cooker, it means that you have some interests in mind. Here are some reasons you should own a slow cooker:

  • It helps to intensify the flavors of the dish you are creating because it simmers it.
  • Nutrients in meat and vegetables not lost
  • It keeps moisture inside the dish, which tenderizes your vegetable and meat.
  • It is a convenient way to cook; i.e., you can leave your meal cooking while you leave the house, and it’ll be ready by the time you are back.

The best slow cookers for 2020 listed in this post also has extra benefits. They include the ability to time your cooking, auto shut off feature (in many cases), and perhaps a digital display. When looking for the best slow cooker brand, you need to look out for these features.


5 Best Cuisinart Slow Cooker of 2020

Looking for a slow cooker? Here is a detailed product review to help you make a good choice. Take time to go through the features and the highlighted pros and cons of the products to find what you are looking for.

This review will help you to narrow down your search for a slow cooker and ensure that you buy one that is good enough to meet your needs.


1. All-Clad SD700450 Programmable Oval-Shaped Slow Cooker


All-Clad SD700450 Programmable Oval-Shaped Slow Cooker- Best Cuisinart Slow Cooker of 2020


Even with a busy schedule, you can still enjoy healthy with All-Clad 99009, home-cooked meals thanks to this easy-to-use oval-shaped slow cooker.

Thoughtfully designed, the slow cooker also provides attractive stainless-steel housing, an integrated control panel with an LCD; three temperature settings–high, low, and keep warm; a glass lid for keeping an eye on the cooking process; and riveted stainless-steel handles for safe transport.

It’s effortless to clean the removable crock, the settings available are warm, low, and high, and you can program (to within a half-hour) the length of cook time. When cook time is up, the machine switches to warm on its own, I highly recommend this product.

You can serve tasty meals from this – really delicious stews and roasts, but you will get a better result if you do a little prep work on the stove beforehand. For most recipes, that means 20-30 minutes in the morning or night before.


  • Versatile programming
  • Consistent cooking quality
  • Easy-read digital display
  • Three temperature settings


  • Large, bulky design


2. Sunbeam HP5520 Secretchef Slow Cooker


Sunbeam HP5520 Secretchef Slow Cooker - Best Cuisinart Slow Cooker of 2020


This is another Sunbeam choice that is budget-friendly, unlike others from the same manufacturer.

This product has some pleasant qualities, including a wrap-around heating method that keeps the heat evenly distributed around the pot. That also prevents your food from burning or sticking to the bottom while cooking.

This slow cooker comes in a 5.5-liter capacity with two heat settings for cooking and a keep warm setting, that allows your food to wait until you are ready to eat it. It will take about 8 hours for your food to cook on a low setting and 4 hours on a low setting.

Also, it comes with a removable cord, so that you can use it at the table, the dish is also removable and dishwasher safe. Overall, this product is a great buy.


3. Crock-Pot 6.5-Quart, Programmable Touchscreen Slow Cooker


Crock-Pot 6.5-Quart, Programmable Touchscreen Slow Cooker - Best Cuisinart Slow Cooker of 2020


This slow cooker is the best value for your cash, which reduces your stress by setting a timer; that program will take liability to do the rest, and you will be free from preparing a meal. No extra measures to freezing and warming it; plug the electricity and serve as a ready dish.

In a family gathering of eight or nine peoples, you won’t require an extra cooking appliance to accommodate a 7-pound roast or same weight recipe.

That is because your programmable 6-1/2-quart Crock-Pot slow cooker will facilitate you with an extra roomy interior to plan that amount of guest’s favorite meal. Invited visitors will enjoy the delicious home-cooked healthy foods with delectable aromas, which will secure your reputation from being your busy schedule.

With the magical touch-screen control panel, you can manage clock settings to your desired level up to 20 hours, and it will automatically convert into warmer mode right after the food is cooked.

With easy removable stoneware and glass lid, you can serve it directly to the eating table or in the refrigerator or your travel kit without the tension of spilling out.

Finally, the top handle enables you to annoy free quick cleanup into the dishwasher. This unique chrome color and stylish finish slow cooker will not only prepare tasty foods, but also your kitchen will look gorgeous.


4. Breville BSC560BSS The Flavor Maker Slow Cooker


Breville BSC560BSS The Flavor Maker Slow Cooker - Best Slow Cooker of 2020


Many crock pots and slow cookers product reviews, spot at least one Breville choice as top ranking on the list. That is because of the consistent quality.

This particular slow cooker product is no different, and it comes with a large 7-liter capacity. At 4.94kg, it is not as heavy as many products, but it is large. Also, the price ranges from medium to high range.

It comes with a trivet, which is ideal for making roast potatoes, and an easy sear pan. You can choose between high, low, or automatic heat settings. It has a detachable cord that makes serving food easy and a silicon handle that ensures that you do not burn your hands while serving.

Overall, this slow crockpot cooker has many positive reviews, thanks to the extras and the big brand name.


5. Hamilton Beach 33182A Slow Cooker


Hamilton Beach 33182A Slow Cooker- Best Slow Cooker of 2020


The Hamilton Beach 33182A is perfect for large meals, and it is the ideal size for a 6-lb roast or 8-lb chicken. The full-grip handles and mess-free lid rest make serving easy, and the dishwasher-safe stoneware and glass lid make cleanup a snap.

The Hamilton Beach 33182 is an 8-Quart capacity Slow Cooker, designed for the preparation of large meals and capable of holding a roast of up to 7 lbs.

The cooker features a mess-free lid design with a rest to direct drippage back into the container, as well as three settings: Keep Warm, Low, and High. It is dishwasher safe and has a see-through glass lid for convenience. This slow cooker comes with a 1-yr warranty.

It looks great! I love the features of the well made see-through top, the removable cooking dish, and the keep warm setting. It heats up fast, seems to cook your recipes more quickly. The spoon/lid rest that doubles as a cord wrap during storage are handy.


  • It is perfect in terms of size as it allows for the cooking of Hamilton2large-sized dishes which is ideal when a large number of guests
  • It is easy to clean, and its full-grip handles make it easy to carry around
  • This unit heats up quite well and quickly, and its glass lid allows the user to monitor the state of the food being cooked very easily
  • It has good value for its price, and its usage is quite simple
  • Easy to use appliances give the benefits of time-saving, efficiency and also flexibility in terms of the type of user who is operating it
  • It provides its user with the added benefit of being freezer- safe, allowing them to freeze any leftovers of the meals prepared to be used at some other time.


  • It does not have the facility of a timer, and its exterior tends to get quite hot when in use.


This best cuisinart slow cooker review arms you with useful information while shopping for the best slow cooker on the market. Here are our top 5 choice you can check out now.



If you have had a long day out, the last thing you want to do is to stand in front of a hot stove, cooking to feed your family. While you may consider a take-out meal, it doesn’t beat the choice of eating home-cooked meals. This is why you need a slow cooker.

In this post, we have made the task of searching for the best slow cooker to buy easy by looking for the best cookers available in the market and reviewing them. That means that now that you know the best cookers, you can easily make a choice.

We want to hear from you. Let us know which option you prefer in the comment section below.

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