13 Camping Storage Ideas To Enjoy Camping

Camping is fun when you go with friends, family and loved ones. The last time I went camping, it was a beautiful experience, although there was a lot to do because we lack camping storage ideas. After that,  I took it upon myself to learn these storage ideas, and I would love to share them with you.

Going to camp is more than getting your luggage and going for the trip. It starts with pre-planning, you need to have a big view of what you want to do during the exercise, how you want to do them, how long you want them to take and where it should be done.

When pre-planning, you need to do proper research on the camping site, what you will need to take along considering the different camping tips and tricks available. There are several things to think of firstly before choosing a camping site, weather, period of the year, and climate condition.

After taking note of those important things, another thing to take seriously is camping storage because if you go for camp and all you do is to keep arranging things, and you won’t enjoy the time out.

Arrangement of things should not take the better part of your time because you are to have a swell of time while on camp. Camping is fun, adventurous, and engaging, so you need to have a good knowledge of camping storage ideas to enjoy the exercise.

There are over 50 camping storage ideas to adapt to, and you will never regret them. The ones you will use depend on your plan during the exercise. Although money is essential before you think of anything when camping.

Out of these 50 ideas, here are the 13 most important of them. All of these 13 ideas are beneficial; regardless of where and when you plan to camp.


Here are some camping storage ideas designed to keep your camping gear significantly small, while ensuring that you have all essentials packed. Don't go camping without them!


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1. Store Scrambled Egg in a Container

Prepare eggs from the house before proceeding for camp and store in a container with a good lid. You can store in a bottle or any other container with a proper cover. You can, however, put a measurement on the body of the container using a pen.

This will help in keeping the fireplace neat, and it will prevent egg breakage when moving from one place to the other. All you need to do this to make sure the lid is a tight one to avoid the content from spillage.


2. Toilet Paper Holder


Toilet Paper Holder - Camping Storage Ideas


You can make a toilet paper holder out of an empty dry plastic coffee container.  This is one of the best storage to use when camping. To make this, get the empty coffee container, make sure it is well-dried, slit a side of it and make a small hole on the lid too.

After that, put a string inside and make it come out from the hole on the lid. Then you can now put in the toilet paper, cover it up and use the string to hang it up somewhere. Pull out the tissue out of the slit a bit, and your holder is ready to serve you.


3. Wall Hanging Storage


Wall Hanging Storage - Camping Storage Ideas


Another camping storage idea to try out is the wall hanging storage.  It is a straightforward way to organize things while on camp because all you need is a rack to hang on the wall. You can make use of that space in your kitchen without making it too stuffy.

Inside the wall storage, you can keep anything you want a tissue, onion, toothpaste, among other supplies you are taking with you. So if you are looking for a way to utilize space in an organized manner, this storage idea is perfect.


4. Closet Organizers

Seeing clothes everywhere disgust me a lot, so while on camp, I thought of a better way to arrange clothes and the closet organizer popped up.

The closet organizer helps in storing clothes properly without consuming much space or making everywhere look messy. The organizer comes with different racks, drawers, and cabinets where you can keep different things without disorganizing others.

This is proper storage for clothes and other things while on camp as it won’t only save space but also make the place very neat.


5. Bathroom Storage

Another useful yet straightforward storage idea while on camp is the bathroom storage.

This particular storage keeps the bathroom as well as the sink very neat. All your toiletries are well arranged in the basket, and you don’t need to scatter it before taking them as the basket gives room for easy identification.

For this storage, get your basket, choose a strategic position for it, get something to hold it firmly to the wall and place the basket there. You can now arrange your things into it, and space is minimized.


6.Large Pill Bottles as Mini First Aid Box

This idea is a perfect one, and it saves space and money. Get a large pill bottle, wash thoroughly, and store your small first-aid kits inside.

With this, there is no need to carry the standard first-aid box with you. Get your cotton wool, plaster, methylated spirit, and other necessary things inside and stuff it into your bag.

There is no need to buy anything for this, whenever you are going for camp, make sure you keep big bottles as well as containers because they are beneficial at the end of the day.


7. Make a kitchen Organizer out of your Shoe Organizer

While on camp, things can serve as many purposes as possible. When camping, a bucket might be seen beyond carrying stuff as it can be of help in other ways. The same goes for the pocket type shoe organizer because it can correctly store kitchen utensils without any problem.

So, if you are planning to go for a camping session and you are worried about where to keep your kitchen utensils, seasoning, and other things in the kitchen, this is a great store for that.

All you need to do is to get something to hang the shoe organizer, wash it thoroughly, dry, and your kitchen organizer is ready for use. You don’t have to attach the knives and spoons everywhere when you can get them resting inside your kitchen storage.


8. Bag a Pancake Mix

Are you a lover of pancakes, but you don’t know how to take it without packing all the materials and ingredients with you to camp? Calm down; you can bag it. Wondering how possible it is to bag a pancake mix, Yes! It is possible.

Another great storage to make use of when camping is the frosting bags. With the frosting bags, you can pack your pancake mix after making them from home before embarking on the camp.

All you need to do is to prepare the mix from home, get the frosting bag, fill it up with the mix, and keep in a safe place. Get a clip to hold the mouth of the container or tie it up to avoid losing the content.

When you want to make the pancake, open it from the bottom, take it out, dispose of the bag, and cook the mix. You can now have your pancake.


9. Get Your Seasoning Safe inside a Tic-Tac Container

Keeping tic-tac containers will help significantly in storing seasoning and other dry contents in the kitchen. You don’t have to trash empty tic-tac container, as small as they are, they come very useful.

After using a tic-tac container, wash thoroughly, dry, and store your content. You can now put the tic-tac container filled with seasoning anywhere you want because of the content is now safe. With this idea, you don’t need to pack all the big jars of condiment in the kitchen with you when going for camp.

It is an excellent way of minimizing space and reducing unnecessary luggage. It will help to keep the kitchen made on camp as neat as possible.


10. Tension Rod with Clips

While on camp, you still need to take good care of yourself, so having your body soap, oil, shampoo, and other body care things is very important. You are already thinking of how messed up the sink will be with all of these contents.

Don’t worry as tension rod is here to help you neatly store those things. With a tension rod, all you need to do is to hang your body care kits upside down using the clip on the rod.

With this, your bathroom is neat, and you will be able to use all the content in each container because it is upside down.


11. Store Matches in a Mason Jar


Store Matches in a Mason Jar - Camping Storage Ideas


With the mason jar, your matches are safe while on camp. Matches are vital when camping, so whenever something goes wrong with it, a huge problem arises. However, the mason jar is an excellent store for the matches as it keeps it safe and dry for use.

Get an empty Mason jar, wash and dry thoroughly, pack your matches inside, get a circle cut-out of sandpaper, stick it to the lid of the jar using glue, and your matches are safe for camp.

With this, you don’t need to worry about the matches getting wet or pouring out as Mason jar is their safe-keeper.


12. Emergency Toilet


Emergency Toilet - Camping Storage Ideas


Whether you are camping beside a river or a forest, easing off might not be easy, especially when you are so conscious of messing up the environment. For this situation, an emergency toilet is the best solution.

The emergency toilet doesn’t require much material, so with a few things, your emergency toilet is available for use. Get a big bucket, heavy-duty garbage bag, cheap toilet lid, kitty litter, and tissue paper.

With all of these materials, a fancy emergency toilet will come to life. You can click on this to check how to make the toilet. The toilet is another fantastic camping storge idea as you don’t need to make a mess of the environment, and it helps to store your waste.


13. Dollar Store Storage Bins

Yes! It is a bin, but that doesn’t mean you use it to trash things. The dollar store bin serves as many purposes as possible. You can use it in the office, homes even while on camp it is off great help. Wondering how it can be helpful while camping?

The dollar store bin can be used to keep cutleries when on camp. Most storage closets and drawers cannot house the cutlery perfectly, and this is when the storage bin comes into play. With it, you can arrange and organize your cutlery without any fear of accident or loss.

You don’t need to bring the entire cutlery set you have at home, all you need to do is to pick out the ones you need, store them inside the storage bin and your cutlery is ready to camp with you.


When you have these camping storage ideas handy, you can enjoy your camping experience, seeing as there will be no clutter to deal with. Here are 13 camping storage essentials that everyone should have.



Camping is a very fun-filled exercise and experience which I don’t ever get tired of at any moment. and there are numerous camping storage ideas to make use of when planning an adventurous camping experience.

These storage ideas will assist in making the experience a beautiful one in a neat and relaxed environment that you will never forget.

All the camping storage ideas above are the ones I have tried out and can convincingly come out to say that they are beneficial. If you have others that you think will benefit people, you can comment on them below.

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