6 Butt Exercises for an Instant Booty Pump

If you’ve ever looked with envy at ladies with round, sexy and almost perfect butts while secretly wishing yours could also be like that. Well, your butt can actually be like theirs but the question is: are you willing to work for it? 

Yes, some of those firm and sexy butts you admire may have gone through a series of booty pump and butt firming sessions before reaching that perfect roundness.

And yours too can be that perfect, but that’s if you’re ready to put in the work and relentlessly push yourself through until you can look in the mirror and smile with satisfaction.

But to be honest, booty pump and butt firming exercises aren’t difficult at all. The difficulty lies in being consistent and relentless.

Most of the exercises are really easy to master and can be done in your own room, and they need absolutely no equipment except maybe a resistance band (and it costs less than $15) to make the workout more challenging and push your glute muscles to do more work.

We’ve put together 6 of the most effective booty pump exercises for you. These exercises are amazingly effective because they target your glutes which are the muscles of your butt.

By activating your glute muscles with these workouts, you make them bigger and rounder which invariably results in a firmer and rounder butt giving you that much-desired booty pump.


Looking for the best butt exercises for an instant booty pump? These moves will get you that perfectly rounded butt you've always dreamed of!


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1. Band Hip Thrust


Band Hip Thrust for Instant Booty Pump


The hip thrust is an exercise that activates your glute muscles by pushing your hips to the maximum. It strengthens the hips, lower back, and thighs. The hip thrust improves the shape, size, and strength of your glute.

It also strengthens your lower back and leg muscles while improving your posture. Doing hip thrusts with a resistance band above your knees helps to provide tension which makes the exercise much more powerful and effective.

Exercise position

The band hip thrust can be performed either on the floor or on the edge of a couch/bench. To perform this exercise; 

  • Lie with the upper part of your back on the edge of the couch or on the floor. 
  • Spread your legs so that they’ll be a little wider than your shoulder width and bend your knees. 
  • Then place your resistance band a few inches above your knees and place your hands by your side, okay now you’re in position. 

The Movement

  • Start thrusting your hips off the floor and as high as possible while making sure your upper back and your feet don’t leave the floor. 
  • Make sure you thrust as high as you can and maintain tension with the band, when you get to the highest thrust point, squeeze your butt cheeks together. 

Continuously repeat this exercise for at least 10 times then take a break and try again. The hip thrust is a lot more difficult with the resistance band and this helps to activate your glute muscles to give you a beautiful curvy booty.


2. Lateral Band Walk 


Lateral Band Walk - Exercises to lift and firm your butt


The lateral band walk strengthens your glute medius, quadriceps, and hamstrings. As you already know, the glute is the muscles of your butt while the quadriceps are the four muscles on the front of your thighs.

And the abductors are the muscles located outside your hips, they help the glute medius lift your legs laterally. So the lateral band walk will not only give you a rounder, firmer butt and it’ll also help straighten your posture.

Exercise position

  • Stand with your legs spread shoulder-width apart
  • Place the resistance band a few inches above your knees
  • Lower yourself slightly into a squat position (but not right into a full squat position) and shift your weight towards your heels

The movement

  • Take a small step to your right and continue for a number of times (e.g, 10 times)
  • Repeat the exercise, this time taking steps to your left
  • Continue for a few minutes.

Throughout the exercise make sure you maintain your partial squatting position and engage your glute muscles. 


3. Booty Squeeze

The booty squeeze is an exercise that reaches your inner butt area and tightens your butt. It focuses on the glute muscles, making them firmer which results to a firm and bigger booty.

The booty squeeze is one of the best booty pump exercises as it effectively tones our butt, it also tones your thighs and strengthens your hips.

Exercise position

  • Get down on your hands and knees
  • Place a dumbbell in the crook of your right knee

The movement

  • Raise your right knee so that your right thigh becomes parallel to the floor
  • Pull your right foot over to the left side and squeeze your butt cheeks
  • Return to the starting position
  • Repeat this movement a couple of times and switch legs

During this exercise make sure your back is flat and keep your head forward. When you move your right foot toward your left butt, take a deep breath and squeeze your butt cheeks. As you return to your initial position, breathe out. The booty squeeze


4. Band Kickback


Band Kickback for a curvy and firm buttocks


Band kickback is another very effective exercise for a curvy and firm butt because it focuses on your glute muscles. This exercise is pretty easy to do and a resistance band is the only equipment required. So let’s get into position.

Exercise position

  • Place a resistance band around your ankles and stand upright with your arms akimbo
  • Spread your legs so that they are shoulder-width apart with your right foot a few inches behind the left foot.

The movement

  • Shift your body weight to your left leg and start kicking your right leg backward.
  • Do this for a few minutes (10 to 15 backward kicks) and return to your starting position
  • Repeat the exercise but this time switch legs.
  • Continue for a few minutes

During the exercise, ensure that you keep your back straight and take deep breaths. Band kickback targets your glute muscles and strengthens them to give a rounder and firmer butt. This exercise also improves your overall stability and balance.


5. Glute bridge

The glute bridge moves one of the greatest exercises you can do to lift and tone the booty. It isolates and strengthens your glutes while also activating your hamstrings. Furthermore, it’s a low impact movement, which is great for anyone with knee problems.

Glute bridge is a very effective booty pump exercise and it’s similar to the band hip thrust but without the resistance band.

Exercise position

  • Lie on your back with your legs hip-width apart and your knees bent to form a 45-degrees angle
  • Place your hands by your sides

The movement

  • Start thrusting your hips up and down
  • When you thrust to the highest position, pause for a second before returning to the starting position
  • Continue for 2-3 sets and each involves 10-15 thrusts.

During the glute bridge exercise, keep your butt checks and core tight and press down through your heels to lift your hips. As you lift your hips off the floor take a deep breath and exhale when your hips touch the floor.


6. Double pulse squat jump


Double pulse squat jump for a round and sexy butt


The double pulse squat jump is another excellent booty pump exercise. But unlike the glute bridge, it’s a high impact exercise which tones your glutes, thighs, and legs and generally builds the muscles of your lower body.

Exercise position

  • Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart
  • Hold your hands together in front of your chest
  • Squat so that your thighs are parallel to the floor

The movement

  • Lift your hips in a movement that feels like you’re about to get up then squat again
  • Push through the heels and jump
  • Land on your feet with your knee slightly bent and go into a squat position (that is your thighs should be parallel to the floor)
  • Repeat for about 30 seconds to 1 minute.

During this exercise, be sure to maintain the right position. Never allow the space between your knees to become wider than your hip width, as you squat inhale and exhale just before you jump.


If you're looking for an instant booty pump you should definitely try this quick workout routine. You won't need any weights or equipment for this, just your bodyweight and 13 minutes to get the pump like never before!


Final thoughts

Having a round and sexy butt is no longer a faraway dream because the exercises above will help you achieve that faster than you ever thought possible.

And if you’ve heard the myth that butt exercises aren’t any good without weighted objects like dumbells and kettlebells, now is the time to banish such thoughts from your head.

Exercising with weighted objects provide more challenges, yes, but simply using a resistance band is powerful and super effective.

Consistently doing these butt exercises with a resistance band around your thighs packs lots of power and provides your glutes a thought challenge causing them to burn and expand. That’s when you’ll begin to see that firm and round butt. Exactly what you want, isn’t it?

So what are you waiting for?

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