15 Superb DIY Bathroom Organization Hacks You Need

I see no reason why your bathroom will be messy and dirty. Give me a good reason why you will keep a filthy toilet when there are bathroom organization hacks for you. You don’t have to scatter the sink because it is a private room. If it is in order, you will surely enjoy your bath.

The messy bathroom is mostly common with small-sized ones that there is no space to do some things and demarcation. The room is so small that no matter how you arrange the sink, it still looks rough. If you are someone like me who rough things irritate a lot, you can break down.

You want to have your shower gel, shampoo, soap, oils, shower cap, towel and other toiletries in the bathroom but the roughness worries you a lot. Calm down, there are storage ideas to use in there without getting anywhere untidy.


I arrange my bathroom every time I need to take something. So I had to look out for ways to stop the routine, and now my bathroom is at it's best. Here are some of the hacks that really helped me.


15 Exquisite Bathroom Organization Hacks

There are numerous bathroom organization hacks which you can make use of to give your restroom that neat and pretty look. However, these hacks don’t cost so much, there are quite affordable. Below are my 15 of the superb bathroom storage that brought mine alive.


1. Mesh Shower Organizer

This organizer is a plastic bag with pockets to house different things like soap, cream, shampoo, and many more. The mesh shower organizer comes with metal over the door hook to attach it to the wall, shower, door, or anywhere you want.

This storage will help in storing some toiletries in the bathroom as well as a few toilet supplies. It is available across stores in your neighborhood as well as online. The price ranges between $7 and $10.


 2. Small Baskets

Another good storage hack for the bathroom is small baskets. They could be the colorful one to beautify your restroom of the normal ones. All you need for this storage is a rod to hang the basket, and your beautiful store is ready for use.

Your soap, tissue papers,mini-towels, brushes, sponges, and other small toiletries can sit beautifully inside the basket. The basket is reducing space and also giving a pleasing look to the bathroom.

The baskets are available online as well as in stores around you, and they are relatively cheap.


3. Get a Spice Rack for Bottle Storage

You don’t have to litter everywhere with bottles of oil, shampoo, shower gel, and every other bottled toilet supplies. The more the space in the bathroom, the tidier it becomes. Another way of keeping things yet minimizing space is by using a spice rack.

Install a spice rack in the corner of the restroom and put in as many bottles as it can take. This makes the movement of things in and out of the frame easy without disorganizing anything. So if you have tons of bottles in your bathroom and you don’t know how to store them, this is a perfect idea.


4. Floating Shelves


Bathroom Floating Shelves


Wondering how possible it is for shelves to float right? It is possible. These shelves will be on the wall directly attached to nothing but the wall.

This storage is another good one to use inside the bathroom as it takes no space and keeps the room neat. Your soap, oils, shampoo, and other things can stay on the shelf. It is easy to move items in and out of the rack without disorganizing anything.

For this hack, all you need is just the shelf, install it on the wall and arrange your things on it. However, you should be careful of the spot to put the shelf to prevent it from causing an accident by hitting the head against it.


5. Electronics Rack

You cannot mention a bathroom without water coming to the mind, and some electronics function in the bathroom. How do we keep them away without disorganizing the whole place?

The only answer to that is by getting an electronic metal rack unless you want o keep them out of the bathroom or keep them under the sink, which I find very stressful. So, the only option I will implore you to go for here is the electronics rack.

Get an electronic metal rack in a store, get some holders to pin it to a shelf, cabinet, drawer or the wall and you can now keep your curler, straightener, clipper and other electronics inside.

Ensure you go for metal and not plastic to avoid melting in case the appliance is hot. So get that metal rack, or if you have one that you are not using again, you can turn it into an electronics rack. It is the proper storage for electronics in the bathroom.


6. Magnetic Make-up Holder

This hack is the proper one for ladies or women who are into makeup. The kits alone are enough to mess a place. If the bathroom is now small again, it will give it a terrible look. Most women find it stressful keeping their makeup kits in a box because they find it stressful to use.

They love to have their makeup kits standing out for easy usage. If you don’t want to get the sink or cabinet clumsy with the packages, why not try out the makeup magnet board.

With this board, you can display your kits, pick them out when needed, and return them after use without any form of stress. The magnetic makeup holder is available across stores around you as well as online stores, and they are relatively cheap.

So, if you are fed up with losing your makeup kits, disorganizing everywhere or making your restroom clumsy with kits scattered everywhere, try this storage.


7. Towel Holders on the Back of the Door


Towel Holders on the Back of the Door


Another way to minimize space in the bathroom is by having a towel holder at the back of the door. They help in saving the space that the towel would have been. It also makes the bathroom neat because at some point, the towel might not be visible, and the holder makes it easy to fold the towel in place neatly.

The towel holder is quite popular, and it is available across stores around plus they come cheap. On a door, you can attach two towel holders, hang as many towels as you want, thereby beautifying the whole room.


8. Wine Rack Towel Holder

Another mind-blowing bathroom organization hack is this wine rack towel holder. Yes, it is the same wine rack, but you can use it to hold towels when they are no more used for wine.

Instead of you disposing of your wine rack, why not turn it into bathroom storage and use it to keep your towel as well beautify the bathroom. For this, attach the wine rack to the wall, roll up your towel like a camp bed, and make it sit pretty on the rack.

This idea will go a long way in saving the space in the bathroom, especially in a small bathroom and also add beauty to the look of the restroom. You don’t need to dispose of some things in the home.

Just keep them as purposes which they will serve will arise in the future. This storage idea, however, is a very cheap one to use.


10. Candy Jar

Your candy jar should not be useless after exhausting the candy. It can serve several other purposes, one of which is storing nail polish in the bathroom.

If you are a lover of nail polish and you have several of them in your restroom, but you are tired of looking for them or having them everywhere in the room. Why not make use of your empty candy jar here.

The empty candy jar is a perfect container to keep your nail polish. Aside from making the bathroom neat and minimize space, it also adds a touch of decoration to the room. Most candy jars are transparent, so different colors of nail polish in the jar will beautify the bathroom.

Another bathroom organization hack you surely need to make use of is the candy jar as a nail polish container.


11. Magazine Rack

If you have more than one magazine rack in your home or the one you have is no more in use, why not use it as something else. I said it earlier, nothing should be thrown away in the home aside from garbage.

The most insignificant item in the home can serve several purposes. Just like other items in the house, the magazine rack can be of help in different ways. One of these ways is using the stand to store wash clothes in the bathroom.

Your wash clothes should not be flying around. This disgusts me a lot, seeing wash clothes everywhere in the bathroom, gets me so irritated. Before this idea came up, I fold up wash clothes and put them with other linens, but a problem keeps coming up, which is mix up.

Wash clothes being small tend to get lost inside linen, so an idea struck my mind, why not use my magazine rack and since then, it’s been wash clothes rack and not magazine rack.


12. Over the Door Shelf


Over the Door Shelf - Bathroom organization hacks that work


There are numerous bathroom organization hacks, and over the door shelf is one of them. For this storage, all you need is a durable wood that will be run over the door. This helps so much in minimizing space and keeping the room as neat as possible.

Things to be kept on this particular shelf will be toilet supplies that are not frequently used or extra because it won’t be comfortable taking things from such a place.

The storage is very cheap, after getting the wood, run it over the door yourself, fix it in and arrange the items you wish to keep there on it. It is an adorable idea to use for a small bathroom.


13. Countertop Organizer

This is one of the numerous bathroom organization hacks that will help save space. Countertop organizer comes in different tiers, so there is no excuse for not having a place to keep certain things.

Items like toothbrush, toothpaste, oils, creams, shampoo among other toiletries can be kept inside this countertop organizer. This will help in keeping the sink as free as possible without any messy look.

Get the organizer, choose a strategic location in the bathroom for it, put it there, arrange your stuff in, and your organizer is working.


14. Storage Bin

The storage bin is also one of the bathroom organization hacks to try out. It is a very cheap container, instead of the usual bag to keep things you can use a storage bin.

Items like extra tissue paper, wash cloths, soaps and other bathroom supplies can be kept in the storage bin. Instead of displaying everything and making everywhere look disorganized, you can use the storage bin to house them.

Apart from the regular storage bin, you can go for the fancy ones that will add color and beautify the bathroom.


So if you are battling with a messy and unkempt bathroom but you are fed up with the everyday arrangement, here comes a solution for you! Check out these hacks that would make life easier for you.


15.Rustic Towel Shelf

The rustic shelf is a good bathroom organizing hack that will be of great help when keeping the bathroom tidy. With a wood of your choice, you can build up a towel shelf. But you should note the wood type when choosing to avoid a wood type that can be easily destroyed by water.

For this storage, after building the shelf, choose a strategic point in the bathroom, place it there and arrange all you want on it. You can also put other things on the shelf aside from the towel. Ensure the shelf is strong and in case it is not careful of what you place on it.



There are countless bathroom organizing hacks that you can never exhaust. There are ones to build yourself as well as ready-to-use ones. So whichever it is you want to use, the goal is to keep a clean, tidy, and neat bathroom.

I hope you find this post useful. You can, however, drop your comments below and also recommend the post to that your friends who know nothing about bathroom organization hacks.

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