12 Amazing Looking Air Purifying Plants You Need in Your Home

Air Purifying Plants – It can be fun living where there are other people because of the interaction and liveliness. However, this can take a severe toll on the health of the body.

And of these side effects is less airflow. Inadequate ventilation leads to air pollution, and air pollution leads to health problems like sick building syndrome and asthma.

Also, household furniture, carpets, glues, and synthetic building materials emit chemicals that are harmful to the body when inhaled. They, however, contribute up to 90% of the indoor air pollution.

Plants do absorb chemicals from the air, and the presence of the plants makes the outdoor air fresh. Having plants in the home help to remove chemicals in the air- they remove CO2 and many more pollutants.


A pure, clean and nice smelling home gives a relaxing feel, with air purifying plants your room get an aromatic feel. Check out this post for these amazing air purifying plants and it's benefits to the body.


Over time, interior decorators brought potted plants into the home to make the house more beautiful. In 1989, NASA found out that plants can annul some harmful toxins in the air where there is little or less airflow.

Although plants are not so fast as in chemical-laden air purifiers, they are natural, inexpensive, and therapeutic.

Plants are also known to help:

  • reduce stress and fatigue
  • enhance memory and improve concentration
  • increase mood and productivity


1. Peace Lily


Peace Lily- 12 #AirPurifyingPlants You Need In Your Home


The Peace Lily is a fantastic looking plant and can improve the quality of the air you have inside your house as much as 60%. It also helps to lower the level at which mold spores grow in the home.

This is done by absorbing the spores through the leaves and circulates them to the plant’s roots where they become food.

Peace Lily can be kept in the bathroom as it helps to keep the shower tiles and curtains free from mildew.  However, the plants can absorb harmful vapors from acetone and alcohol.

Note: It is toxic to pets and animals when consumed.


2. Boston Fern


Boston Fern- 12 Air Filtering plants You Need In Your Home


Ferns are one of the tremendous air-purifying plants. Boston Fern, however, offers medicinal and aesthetic properties.  It looks beautiful when planted in baskets all around the home.

Boston Fern also acts as a humidifier as it helps to bring about moisture in the air.  This makes it suitable for those with dry skin and other cold weather-related problems.

It also helps to repel formaldehyde, toluene, and xylene, which is mostly present in paints, nail polishes, and glues.

Note: Keep them in direct sunlight and lightly water the leaves regularly.


3. Spider Plants


How to use Spider Plants for Indoor purification


Spider Plants as air purifying plants are among the easy to grow houseplants. It can also thrive even if you forget to take care of it because it is a resilient plant. All it needs is dry soil, bright and indirect sunlight to bloom- bring out shoots that grow into spiderettes.

Spider plants also help to remove the trace of benzene, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, and xylene- a solvent used in rubber, leather, and printing industries.  Also, they are safe houseplant as pets can consume them.


4. Heart Leaf Philodendron


Heart Leaf Philodendron- 12 Air filtering Plants You Need In Your Home


This air purifying plant is suitable for homes where there are no little pets or children. It helps to get rid of formaldehyde, which is commonly found in particleboard.

They do not require rigorous caretaking but should, however, be kept out of the reach of children because it is toxic.


5. Gerbera Daisy (Gerbera jamesonii)


Gerbera Daisy- 12 Air Purifying Plants You Need In Your Home


This plant is effective in removing trichloroethylene, which is a chemical often gotten from dry cleaning. It also helps to remove the chemical benzene, which is from inks.

They bloom better on well-drained soil- make sure your pots have drainage holes. Wet the leaves a couple of times a week and also keep the plants under direct sunlight for at least six hours daily.


6. Weeping Fig


Weeping Fig- 12 Amazing House Plants You Need to Purify your Home


Weeping fig is from the native home of Southeast Asia; however, when it is planted in the house, it grows about two and ten feet tall.

It has active air purifying properties and can be kept outside in late spring and brought back into the house when temperatures are warm. It helps to fight benzene, trichloroethylene, and formaldehyde.

To grow, you need to keep under bright and indirect sunlight and allow the soil to get dry in between waterings.


7. Aloe Vera


Aloe Vera- 12 Air Filtering Plants You Need In Your Home


Aloe Vera is another of the best air purifying plants. It is used to treat most skin problems and can be grown almost everywhere. The plant contains a clear gel which is rich in amino acids, vitamins, and enzymes.

The gel also contains anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.

The plant, however, helps to remove the pollutants called benzene and formaldehyde. Benzene and formaldehyde are produced by chemical-based cleaners, paints, and much more.


8. Chrysanthemum


Chrysanthemum- 12 Air Purifying Plants You Need In Your Home


Chrysanthemum is a very colorful flower that helps to brighten the home. In addition to adding colors to the home, the flower helps to remove the traces of benzene, which is a chemical mostly found in paints, glues, detergent, and plastics.

The plant requires direct and bright light to keep the buds open. It is in varieties as there is one for the garden- chose the floral type if you want to keep it in your office or living room.


9. Dracaena


Dracaena- 12 Air Purifying Plants You Need In Your Home. #AirPurifier #AirPurifyingPlants


This plant has up to 40 different varieties, thereby making it easy for you to find the one you love. They are foliage plants with wide and long leaves, with white, cream, or red lines. Dracaena helps to remove benzene, formaldehyde, xylene, and trichloroethylene pollutants.

Note: These plants are harmful to dogs and cats. So, be careful if you have either a cat or a dog as a pet.


10. Garden Mum

This plant is the strongest of the air purifying plants, based on NASA research. It helps to clear the air in the house of benzene, ammonia, formaldehyde, and xylene.

They are inexpensive and can also be planted outside after they might have finished blooming.


11. Bamboo Palm (Chamaedorea Sefritzii)


Bamboo Palm- 12 Indoor plants You Need In Your Home


Bamboo palm is also regarded as the reed palm. It is native to Central America and Mexico and can grow to about 5-7 feet high. Besides, it does well in dark indoor spaces and produces small berries and flowers.

The plant does not need too much water, and it prefers bright and indirect light. It helps to filter out trichloroethylene, formaldehyde, and benzene. And can do well in temperatures of about 65 to 80 degrees.


12. Rubber Plants (Ficus elastic)

These are evergreen trees from India. The roots grow upward and often twists around the trunk, to form various shapes. They love bright and unfocused light, and they require little love in between.

They also help to filter out carbon monoxide, trichloroethylene, formaldehyde, and much more. These plants require moist soil and pruning to keep them looking fabulous amazing.

Note: They are toxic to cats and dogs.


Did you know that plants can clean your air? It's true! Here are 12 amazing air purifying plants you need in your home.These 12 air purifying plants are THE BEST!


So, what’s left? Getting one of these air-purifying plants in your home, I guess. You could make them amazingly attractive by planting them in beautiful flower pots or plant trugs.

And the good thing is that your flower pots could be personalized having your name, pet name, wife’s name, or anything you love written on it. Get these plants, not just for the beauty of your homes, but to stay healthy.

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